Saturday Linky Love

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This week has felt SO long to me. Anyone else? And in other news, I have one week of my 20s left. Any wild and crazy things I should have done by now? (I have never sky-dived, gotten a tattoo, been drunk, hitchhiked, or even skied. And have no real desire to do any of those things!)

Here are the best things I read this week. Don’t forget to link your own linky love posts up this week!

So, what did you read that was great this week? Link up here. You can grab the code for the button in the sidebar, if you want. Please link back to Vanderbilt Wife and add the PERMALINK to your post, not your home page.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Linky Love

  1. Actually, I’ve never done any of those things and I’m 53. I wouldn’t worry about it. =) Your thirties are one of the best times of your life – think of it as a beginning, not an ending.

    And I adore your linky love button. Almost enough to start saving links I like each week.

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