Eating By Ancestry, Day 2

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If you missed it, this week we’re eating all German, all week, as part of JessieLeigh’s Eating by Ancestry adventure. See Day 1’s recipes and pictures.

For breakfast, I had toast with jam and a slice of cheese and coffee. Lots.

For lunch, I made Kase Spatzle.

Was it good? I didn’t care for it.

Did I make any alterations to the recipe: I used the prosciutto and forgot to add parsley at the end, but didn’t make any real alterations.

Would I make them again in “real life”? I’m tempted to try spatzle again, but I am not really sure what it is supposed to taste like. I think it’s often served with the noodles boiled and then pan-fried. I’m pretty sure my dough was a little too thick and my noodles a little too big, but what I really didn’t care for was the Emmanthaler cheese. I should have used something milder. It was too close to a stinky cheese.

For dinner, I had a sandwich. I’m already getting tired of sandwiches, even on homemade bread! Bread seems to be a HUGE part of this traditional German diet. But since I don’t do heavy labor, I’m afraid all the bread is just going to find its way to my hips.

This morning, day 3, I woke up with a fever and felt really awful until about 8 p.m. So we’ll try again tomorrow as long as I’m feeling pretty normal. Hopefully I’ll at least get the Rouladen recipe done, if not the Bierocks.

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