Occasionally, I Can Be a Fun Mom

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Looking at the pictures I took today, I feel like the most awesome mom in the world.

Based on my feelings, I am the worst mom in the world.

I’d settle for a happy medium.

So this week we’re doing a little “dinosaur camp.” Basically that means I’ve planned some dinosaur crafts, activities, and checked out dino books from the library. Here’s what we did today!

For activity #1, we made these stegasaurus … things. 





Uncrafty mom issues: Googly eyes will not stay stuck to cardboard. David only wanted to color the cardboard that was outside the dinosaur outline. Libbie whined about painting.

Activity #2: Contact-paper-letter canvas (while we waited for clothespins to dry)





Uncrafty mom issues: Contact paper WOULD NOT STICK to canvas. Libbie whined about painting. Most of my paints are packed. The idea of getting Libbie to fingerpaint is kind of laughable, so she used brushes.

Activity #3: Excavating Dinosaurs from Ice



Uncrafty mom issues: No baby pool for outdoor fun. Libbie would hit ice once with a tool and then whine that she couldn’t do it. BONUS: Libbie played in tub for a good hour with the dinosaurs. Awesome.

And for Mommy’s fun! Activity #4: ModPodge wall hanging.

Original (sort of – those shown are actual frames):




Uncrafty mom issues: I have no idea how to use ModPodge. Rough edges didn’t paint well. Found out that Pinterest post didn’t actually link to tutorial! Am going to try again and perhaps do my own tutorial.

So, that’s what we were up to today. How about you?

One thought on “Occasionally, I Can Be a Fun Mom

  1. I can really relate! I think we all have areas like this.
    Just yesterday I was at a birthday party that was well put together. Artistic decorations, creative games, cute snacks. My daughter’s birthday is in about 2 weeks, and I was hoping she didn’t get too many ideas! I’m doing good just to have cake and presents.
    But I’m sure your kids had fun doing the activities and spending time with you. That’s what’s really important. 🙂

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