The Lazy Mom’s Dinosaur Week for Little Ones

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Inspired by JessieLeigh’s awesome summer “camps” with her kids last year, I decided this year I’d better make some plans for Libbie. That child is go-go-go; she does not like staying still and she loves every type of craft and activity. Right now she’s craving an extra helping of one-on-one time with Mommy or Daddy, too.

So for the last few months I’ve been Pinning ideas for activities we could do together. Some are well within my abilities, while others (dinosaur terrarium?) look cool but are just too difficult for me to get together.

Here’s what we actually did last week and some of our favorite dinosaur books. You can see more ideas (some more ambitious) on my Dinosaur Camp Pinterest board.

We started off by breaking the dinosaurs out of their dollar-store packaging and giving them a bath outside. Armed with a pitcher of water, a bottle of baby shampoo, and some washcloths, Libbie happily splashed for half an hour.


We made these No Time for Flashcards-inspired cardboard stegosauri out of cereal boxes. The kids colored theirs and Libbie glued on the eyes. (We both helped David color a little, as shown above.) Then Lib (3.5) painted all the clothespins for the spikes and I cut out the dinosaurs.

Starting one morning, I froze dinosaurs in layers in a bowl of water (froze some dinos in water, then added more water and dinos so they wouldn’t all float to the top). Libbie then splashed in the bath in her swimming suit and “excavated” the dinosaurs from their apparent ice age habitat. She had a blast and then gave them all a bath again in “a million dillion bubbles.” (Yeah, there’s an elephant in there, too. Maybe a wooly mammoth?)

One day post-nap, I set Libbie up with several sheets from this dinosaur tot pack, crayons, markers, a pen, and a snack of pretzels and dinosaur gummies (a RARE treat in our house). She thought the one-on-one Mommy time was divine, and loved tracing the paths for the dinos to get to the volcanos.

We checked out a BUNCH of dinosaur books from the library; here are our favorites.

There are a few more activities I want to do (dinosaur sock puppets, painting, and maybe a trip to the children’s museum to dig for bones) and then we’re on to Ocean Camp!

Do you plan your summer or just go with the flow?

4 thoughts on “The Lazy Mom’s Dinosaur Week for Little Ones

  1. Oh, I LOVE it! That dinosaur excavation activity looks awesome. Dinosaur Camp was our first (and one of my favorite) camp last summer. We’re kicking off Bear Camp this week. 🙂 (p.s. your blog isn’t showing up in my Google reader anymore, so I’m going to re-add it… I’ll let you know if that fixes it!)

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