What Do You Do When All Your Plans Fail?

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There are times when I’m pretty sure the verse in Isaiah that says, “Make a plan and it will fail” was meant especially for me.

Short term and small things, like our Easter Week activities and this German food bonanza, both ruined by my own sickness. I seem to have a bad track record with Vacation Bible School: the first year we were here, I was struck with the mysterious gallstone or whatever it was. This year, strep throat.

And then there are the big things. Hey, let’s buy a house! Hmm, maybe that wasn’t the best idea we ever had. And in the meanwhile, let’s rent a house from a missionary … who has no idea about renter’s rights and brings me to full-out confrontation over some shrubbery. I was sure the second year Mr. V was at this school we would live on campus – we didn’t. It didn’t look at all promising for the third year – and then, a few days before school started, there we were, moving like crazy people.

We tried to have a baby, and that plan didn’t work for awhile. I wasn’t quite sure about having a second, and bam, there he was.

I’m not even sure why I make any plans anymore. I don’t, really. I mean yes, the day-to-day swimming lessons and coloring pages and trips to the zoo. But long-term? We’re saving money for a down payment. I half expect that economic collapse to really happen and to lose all the money we have. Cynical? Realistic? Pattern? I don’t know.

What I do know is that God’s timing has been right in every situation. I firmly believe we went through foreclosure so we can minister to others who have hit really hard times. I think David needed to be a little older when Libbie hit 3, so I could take care of her aggressive need for attention sometimes. Not to mention, I need those precious, early-toddler giggles, kisses, and belly laughs when I’m having a rough day.

I might regret making certain choices, but I try not to dwell on them, knowing that we can’t change what is in the past. We can only hold on to God’s promises for the future and forge ahead. Maybe every plan I make will fail. But it’s OK … because His won’t.

5 thoughts on “What Do You Do When All Your Plans Fail?

  1. Trust me, from experience, I totally hear every word you are saying. God’s plans are the best plans for us (go figure) and we all need a healthy dose of both unexpected good and bad times to remember that. Wonderful post.

  2. No, not just you by a long shot! I’ve pretty much given up making long range plans – if God wants something to happen, I trust He’ll let me know in His timing. If something doesn’t seem to ever be happening (uh, hello, 53 year old single) it isn’t always easy to take, but I have to cling to the thought that God can see EVERYTHING, that He loves me, and that His plan is truly the best.

  3. Just wanted you to know that your post hit home for me. I’ve had more things go “wrong” in the past 8 months than I ever thought possible. But I’m convinced God is working out his GOOD plan, however mysteriously. Thanks for the encouragement and the reminder!

    • Kelsey, I honestly thought our “hard time” would never end – and its lingering effects are still going. I definitely felt like God was just dancing a jig on all my plans. But coming out of it I have just grown so intensely, so surely … it’s been well worth the pain. Whatever you are going through, know that Jesus overcame the world and He can certainly hang with you and bring you some rest for your soul.

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