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Usually, if I’m going to write for Five Minute Friday I actually do it on Friday. But this week’s topic spoke to me and this is the first time I’ve really been able to sit down and write this week! So here you go, Five Minute Wednesday Night.

It’s my story that in the last three and a half years, we’ve gone through job searches, moving three times, and a foreclosure. I’ve given birth – along with $3,000 to my midwife’s office – and at times lost my mind trying to raise two little ones.

Just in the last week, I’ve thrown out my back, had to drive back from Ohio when it almost wasn’t physically possible. I’m moving from one apartment to another with the inability to help my husband lift and a teensy sedan that sometimes won’t start. My husband’s grandfather was just moved to hospice, and we’re supposed to leave on Sunday for a week of vacation culminating in a wedding that I am in.

Today I found myself shouting to my sister on the phone, “WHY CAN’T ANYTHING BE EASY FOR US?” Even the cable hook-up today had misfortunes. There are no outlets in the bathrooms here. I can’t turn around without falling on my face.

So is that my story?

Or is it this?

The easiest part of my thus-far living has been finding my husband, a man who cherishes me beyond measure and far more than I deserve. Together, we’ve made a life (which yes, has included five different homes in under eight years). We’ve conceived and birthed two beautiful, healthy children, and not miscarried. We’ve never lacked for something we truly needed.

Our God has made our paths straight. He has shown us His face. He has picked me up so many times and told me that His yoke is light. Stop putting world-burdens on my shoulders.

I get to choose: dark clouds or sunrise. And I think there’s great power in claiming the positive.

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