We’ll Just Call This One ICE KEEEM.

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My little David has two settings: giggly and happy as any clam in the ocean, or “you have just ruined my life” mad.

The latter can be triggered by any factor of things, including wearing socks, not being allowed to nurse 14 times a day, being forced to to put clothes on, not being allowed down from his high chair, and adult people not responding immediately when he demands “UP!”

But David’s great woes involve sugar.

Oh, my boy. Around 9 months, he was eating a bagel in the dining hall. I took a spoon and gave him a tiny lick of ice cream. Then I tried to return his bagel. While he had been happily chewing on it moments earlier, post-ice cream he threw it at me.

I am not joking.

He then pounded on the table in anger and reached for the ice cream.

This scene has been repeated often, whenever someone around him has dessert and he doesn’t. Even if he’s already finished off his dessert, which takes about 25 seconds and usually involves a bath afterward.

Lately, we’ve been giving him one chocolate Pediasure a day to try to bulk his scrawny self up a little bit. Our 19-month-old, who speaks very little, can say “chocolate” like a champ. And when his chocolate “milk” is gone? THERE IS GREAT SCREAMING.

I’m a little scared. I would say I fear we’ve created a monster, but his great love for sugar seems so ingrained I’m not sure we had anything to do with it. (Well, maybe my intense sugar cravings during my pregnancy with him.)

Who would be surprised that his favorite Sesame Street character is Cookie Monster?

One thought on “We’ll Just Call This One ICE KEEEM.

  1. Hahaha… all of David’s “you have just ruined my life” triggers are exactly the same as Noah’s were! But include avocado in the same category as anything sweet…. Also, Noah had that navy blue dinosaur outfit. :o) Cute!

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