31 Days of The Book

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I guess it’s time to tell you a) why I have been so scarce other than the growing baby in my belly and b) what’s going on here in October!

So here’s the back story.

Most of you know that I read A LOT. I love books. I am willing to sacrifice TV, movies, and sometimes quality parenting to spend time reading. I love talking about books and writing book reviews and encouraging others to read.

This summer I spent a WHOLE lot of time reading – long books. I read the entire Harry Potter series in the course of two and a half weeks. I read 300-page books in a day and a half. And in the beginning of September, I found myself reading the second and third books in the Dragon Tattoo series in just a few days. Those are some long and intense books.

Meanwhile, my Bible sat on my bedside table unopened. Maybe once or twice a week I would try to read a few pages in my one-a-day Bible, but most of the time I just looked at it and decided to read a book instead. Very intentionally. Very aware of what I was thinking.

As September began, I felt very convicted. The Bible was not meant to just sit there. How else will I remain entrenched in the Truth? I pray to know how to raise my kids and realize I am ignoring the best advice I could have as it rests, closed, beside me.

Spiritually I felt a little hollow.

And I felt upon my heart an idea: read ONLY the Bible for awhile. Make a sacrifice of praise.

The more I considered this idea, the more I felt it came directly from God. It’s fasting, in a way, a fasting I can do as a pregnant woman. I’m fasting from something I really love as a sacrifice to the One I really love.

I seriously considered whether to share this or not. Whether to make it my 31 days “project.” But, prayerfully, I decided that if I could encourage someone to really step into the Bible and read it herself then it would be worth it.

So each day in October I’ll be sharing either a devotional based on my reading or a summary/story about what giving up books has been like.

The basics?

  • My month began on September 16th, but you’ll see my posts from October 1st to 31st. Most of them will have been written in advance, because I wanted to make sure I had adequate time to write something for every day and to edit.
  • I am not reading any books or magazines. I am reading blogs (although not spending much time doing so, I need to for my ParentLife work and Linky Loving). I am using online commentaries as well for my writing.
  • If you want to join along for a day, three days, a week, or a whole month, I’d love it! We can keep up with one another on my Facebook page, Twitter, or in the comments.
  • There will still be a few other posts in October. I’ll post my Secret Recipe Club recipe and share about a party I’m throwing with The Motherhood!

So, are you ready? I think I am. I will admit I covet your prayers desperately. Writing devotionals is where my heart is and where my passions and God’s work align. Because of that, it scares me to death.

Looking forward to spending October with you!

Day 1: Scapegoat
Day 2: Stranger
Day 3: Levites
Day 4: Death & Taxes
Day 5: Confessions & Light
Day 6: Judging/Mercy
Day 7: Week One
Day 8: Leaven
Day 9: The Donkey Speaks
Day 10: The Whole Shebang
Day 11: Disciplined
Day 12: Jumping to Action
Day 13: Two Ways
Day 14: Light of Your Presence
Day 15: Moving On
Day 16: Deceivers
Day 17: The Lady with the Tent Peg
Day 18: Hrm.
Day 19: Signs
Day 20: 3-Year-Old Theology
Day 21: Message
Days 22 and 23: Judges
Day 24: UGH
Day 29: Ruth
Day 30: Atonement
Day 31: The End

8 thoughts on “31 Days of The Book

  1. I love this idea. In fact, I came back from dotMom with a very similar conviction. I committed to 30 days of only the Bible and I am on day 6.

    I really have struggled with whether or not to make this my October focus on the blog because I am guilty of sometimes having a devotional time with the purpose of writing a blog post. Please tell me I am not the only one.

    I think we could make October a month where we return to the Word. I even came up with a somewhat clever name for it.

    So, I’m with ya, girl! October is all His!

  2. I came across your blog from Nester’s 31 Days and loved your project. Then I looked at your sidebar and realized… Wait, I know her. So from your Spider days, I wish you a hello.

    What you wrote really hit home and I am wrestling with joining you on this journey. Prayers with you Jess.

  3. I love this idea. It is so true. I do not read my Bible as often as I read other books. Glad to have found you through Nester’s link up. I’m looking forward to what you have to share. I am blogging “I Wear Pink”. Please stop by.

  4. What a great idea. I too am a voracious reader and find I can spend hours reading a good novel, but then only find a minute or two to read the scriptures.
    Maybe I’ll try this in December as a way to focus more on the real meaning of the season.

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