Five Minute Friday: Grasp

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To understand this, you must know how much I detest cleaning. I am the world’s worst housewife, I’m pretty sure. Given that I have a preschooler and a toddler, I like to blame the mess on them, but really … our homes were messy before kids.

It’s just not my default.

So today, I was virtuous. I vacuumed multiple rooms in our apartment. I washed floor rugs. And I cooked my precious, lovely children lunch. And by that, I mean breaded chicken patties from a freezer bag. Which are apparently breaded with something that makes ALL THE BREADING FALL OFF IMMEDIATELY.

And since my kids eschewed the chairs they were supposed to have lunch in … and since I had a cold and am 15 weeks pregnant and was playing some stupid game online …

My newly vacuumed floor had chicken crumbs all. over. it.

Grasping for straws, people. That is what cleaning in a house with little people is like. I’m bad enough by myself (um, hello people who have seen my dorm room?).

What is that quote? That cleaning with children in the house is like shoveling during a snowstorm?

Captain Destruction: Don’t let his sweet smile fool you.


Sometimes on Fridays, I write for 5 minutes along with a lot of other people at Lisa Jo’s place. This week’s theme was Grasp. 

11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Grasp

  1. Cleaning house is like stringing beads without tying a knot on the end. It isn’t just with kids either. It is never ending. Although I must admit it is much easier with just the two of us. I would take a dirty house with my babies over my clean house though. Enjoy them.

    • I love the imagery of beads in relationship to housework. I’ve had many beading project self-destruct because the ends weren’t secure enough, and that’s how housework is. Unfortunately, there is nothing that really secures a clean house — the very air is full of hazards!

    • In honor of you, I decided not to stress over Libbie not taking a nap and instead we worked on our Joseph book – I’m sure she’ll tell you about it soon. She did, in fact, try to call Nana on her pretend phone but said you didn’t pick up and maybe you were in the bathroom or working.

  2. Just today I totally cleaned off our kitchen table (wiped it with cleaner and everything! What a miracle!). NOBODY else was around during the 5 minutes between when I finished the job and when I went back to the table, where I discovered some crumbs on it once again. I swear they floated along in the air. A warning signal must have gone out to all the dirt in my home that one surface was clean, so the nearest crumbs sprung into action to correct the situation.

    Grasping, indeed!

  3. YEP!!
    Soon enough, there will be days with no kids in the house, all is quiet, all is clean and beautifully immaculate… We will be old. We will be in our rocking chairs sitting alone missing these days of chaos and mess.
    These are the best days.. here. now.

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