Day 30: Atonement

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“He cared for them [the Israelites] with a true heart and led them with skillful hands.” Psalm 78:72

The same skillful hands that led the Israelites lead me today. A wondrous thought! Am I as precious to Him as they? I know the answer – it’s found in a Love Letter and nailed, scarred hands and feet.

I wonder if He is ever impatient, full of fire at our tactless lethargy. Has it really taken us more than two thousand years to spread His Gospel to all people?

Where the God of Jeremiah had righteous anger, where He literally saw blood – the spilt blood of Israel – He now sees just The Blood. Blood of His lamb. The only sacrifice that made Him breathe deeply and say, “Yes. That. Is. Enough.” Thank You, Jesus.

Black as my sins were,
He said, “I will take them
Pound them to My feet
Push them to My skull
Anchor Me to the cross
For your communion
Your atonement
Your redemption
– Your chance.”


I share these thoughts again this year because I want to end with atonement. We began with the scapegoat in Leviticus, a gorgeous sign of what was to come in Jesus’ sacrifice.

Everything, EVERYTHING in the Old Testament sets up the atonement in Christ. Yes, there have been other lessons and stories scattered here. So much to learn in the whole Bible.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one more time that the whole shebang is about Christ. It’s all His story and God’s work and His plan. And His plan was redemption. Not through animal sacrifice, but through the blood sacrifice of His only precious Son. The true spotless Lamb.

There will be a wrap-up post tomorrow on what this 31 days has been like for me. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it … but more than that, I simply desire to give Him glory. I hope I have done that.

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