Day 31: The End

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Well, it’s my day 31. For 31 days, I’ve read no books or magazines, just the Bible.

But here’s what else I’ve done.

  • watched a lot of TV at night
  • kept up with my Google Reader, which I haven’t done in ages
  • stalked Facebook, probably to a worse degree than usual

So although I haven’t “cheated,” I’m not sure that I’ve been especially virtuous, either.

I’ve read about two and a half months in my one-year Bible in the span of a month. And here’s what I’ve found: for some reason, during this time, the amazing works of God in the Old Testament have spoken to me amazingly. Seeing Christ as far back as Leviticus (and only because I’d already read Genesis and Exodus) is beautiful.

I’ve also read in Mark and Luke, but as you’ve probably seen for some reason those passages haven’t spoken to me in the same way. I don’t know why, and I feel kind of guilty about it. Because, of course, those are Jesus’ words! THE words that form our A.D. faith!

Maybe someone out there needed to know that God speaks through the Old Testament, too. It’s just a relevant to our modern-day faith, even if we don’t have to follow the Levitical law.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series and you’ve learned along with me.

And now I’m going to go break my fast by rereading The Passage and taking a long, hot bath.

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