Days 22 and 23: Judges

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I’m having a harder time with Judges than I thought I would.

You know I was kind of dreading it, right? I’ve read Judges before and it’s not a pleasant circumstance.

But after reading about Moses and Joshua, who are just such pure heroes … the little heroes of Judges are depressing. Gideon? He tests God, brings glory to himself, and is kind of a twit. Samson kills tons of people and gives away his secrets and likes women too much. This whole thing with Micah making idols and hiring his own priest? I am pretty sure it’s a lesson in what not to do, but I don’t really get it.

I will say, I am writing this after my 31 days is up and I’ve been reading a lot more book than Bible lately. It’s sure easy to fill up my head with stuff that doesn’t matter … and it makes me wonder how to find a balance. Does one exist? Is balance even the answer, anyway?

I feel stuck. And I’m ready to be done with Judges. Perhaps a good dose of David is what I need. Unfortunately, that’s still a lot of Bible books away.

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