Adopting Twins, Part Two

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Way back in March, I told you about my friend Ashley. She, her husband Cameron, and their three beautiful children are “expecting” two new family members through adoption.

Chloe and Eli have spent their lives in an orphanage in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And shortly, Ashley and Cameron will be traveling to bring their children home. I can’t wait to see them running around the church!

The Smalleys started the adoption process for the twins in March of 2012. Yeah, like, only 9 months ago. And with everything proceeding like it has, they will go and get them next month. That’s a total of 10 months that they’ve had to raise the money to adopt TWO children internationally.

It’s come to about $50,000.

What’s incredible is that they’ve raised so much of it already! But they still need about $12,500 to cover their travel expenses, visas, and final fees. It seems a little daunting considering everyone is stretching their budget around Christmas.

I’d ask you, friends, to consider donating $5 or $10 to their adoption efforts. For most of us, this is a fast-food meal or a couple cups of coffee. If it is a big deal in your budget, please send prayers!

You can give easily by going to this page and clicking on Give Now, and it will be tax-deductible. Or if you prefer, you can donate directly on PayPal using the button below.

Thank you for reading this and thinking about it! I know there are many wonderful causes competing for your time and money this season, but this is one that is obviously very personal to me. It’s likely Libbie, David, and Joshua will grow up alongside Chloe and Eli. It’s a blessing to know I’ve had a miniscule part in bringing them to their forever home.

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