David, Two.

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David and MegaBlocks

The one lousy picture I took on my phone of David’s party.

Dear David,

You turned TWO yesterday! How is that possible? I’m fairly certain you were just born. (Let’s pause for a moment and try not to hyperventilate about how ENORMOUS my belly is in the picture of me at 9 months pregnant, and how I am going to get that big again in 3 months. Yikes.)

You are quite the character for someone only 24 months old. As always, you know what you want and when (NOW). At 18 months you started talking, and now you have a pretty impressive vocabulary. You don’t always show it, mostly because your sister rarely stops talking to take a breath. But on the rare occasions she’s not there, I’m always taken aback by what you actually know and can say.

Where did you learn these things? All your colors? At least half the alphabet, and easily counting to 9? I sure don’t think I taught them to you. Maybe we OD on Super Why?

Basically, we just think you’re a genius. What you lack in stature (still tiny), you make up for in brainpower.

eating birthday cake

You, like many a little boy before you, are obsessed with trains and fire engines. (Fi-gen en-gen!) Daddy and I got you basically the coolest train set ever for your birthday, and you were too preoccupied with it to even eat cake last night. (Which is unheard of. You LOVE sweets with a passion.) In fact, you got back up out of bed after 10 p.m. wanting to play with the train some more.

But cake for breakfast? Yes indeed.

I am absolutely infatuated with you about 75% of the time – your absolute adorableness, your little voice, your leg rolls, your insistence that we tickle you “gain!” You are sugar-sweet and love to cuddle and read – especially Thomas books. You will play with a train or Legos for an hour, showing a concentration I’ve never seen from your sister.

And then the other 25% of the time you are mad as a tiger, throwing things, screaming in a voice that is so grating I will do just about anything to make it stop. Once again, you know what you want, even if we can’t decipher it. And if you don’t get it, you will make it known. Well. And often.

This boy stuff is still new to me – and I’m soon to be outnumbered for the first time ever, with your little brother on the way! But I love being a boy mom. I can’t wait to see you interact with Joshua.

David Bug

I love you, my little Doodlebug. It scares me to make you a middle child, wondering if we’re inflicting some sort of cruel punishment on your sweet heart. I hope you’ll enjoy the gift of another sibling and know you are loved. SO loved!


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  1. Happy belated birthday to your (big) little guy! Our oldest had a birthday this week too. Crazy time for a birthday & party – I always think we could have planned a little better. 😉

    Anyway, hope he had a fabulous day and that you did too!

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