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32 weeks pregnant


Perhaps it’s a gift from God that we sort of forget about this phase, the oh-so-pregnant one.

Right now, my hip has totally bummed out and most of the day I’m finding myself stuck on the couch or in my bed. Which has inevitably led to new distractions.

Distractions? Obsessions?

In the last 10 days or so, I’ve watched the first 13 episodes of Downton Abbey (OBSESSED and realize it. Have to remember they aren’t real people). Less exciting, I’ve picked up Candy Crush Saga on Facebook. Not to mention I’ve read an obscene amount of books in January.

I’m trying to recall if I had these same issues with my other pregnancies. With Libbie, it was Project Runway and Scramble on Facebook (I was GOOD, too, and I’m mad you can only play it as an app now given my smart-phone-less status). I’ve read through some old blogs and I can’t figure out what it was with David … I know we had a new DVR, I sat on my birth ball a ton, and I listened to a lot of Hypnobabies.

I can’t imagine sitting on the couch for the next 7 weeks, but I know it’s going to end up that way. I can’t imagine my belly being stretched any bigger, but I know it will. I can’t imagine being any more tired, but I know I sure will be.

God’s grace to women – He lets us forget a little bit in between these massively pregnant times.

Have you suffered from any pregnancy obsessions?


4 thoughts on “Pregnant.

  1. I’m not currently pregnant, but nursing a lot. Candy Crusy Saga is so addicting!! The fact that I have to wait to get more lives is the most addictive part. I wonder if the designers consulted pyschologists to make it more addicting.

    I remember talking with a colleague during my first pregnancy (#2 is three months old now) when I felt so crummy. I said something along the lines of how does anyone ever do this again! She said I’d forget and that is true.

    Hang in there. Your snuggly baby will be here before you know it!

    • As a third-time preggo … I haven’t waited long enough in between to quite forget the misery, but I know when the baby comes I feel it’s well worth the agony. Right now I am just anxious to zip through the next 7 weeks and HAVE A BABY!

  2. I played words with friends (as you well know!) when I was on bed rest. Thank goodness for it!! I also watched How I Met Your Mother, which I didn’t really care for until season 2, and then I found myself emotionally attached to the characters (yes, even Barney…).

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