Look, Ma, We DID Something.

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I’m really not a very good mom when I’m pregnant, which is half the reason I’m more-than-hesitant about saying I’ll ever do this again. I’m pretty sure I’m done with pregnancy after March … although you never know.

And parenting when I’m 7 months pregnant AND my back has totally spazzed out? Basically does not happen.

Which is why I was pretty proud that yesterday morning I managed to DO something with the kids.

We started out painting polar bears, an idea I got from Keeping Life Creative. I actually let David paint, which I don’t usually do. I asked the kids whether they wanted brown bears or white bears, and they both chose white, so voila, we had two polar bears.

polar bear art

polar bear art 2

(I did all the cutting and gluing, although Libbie drew her own face.)

Then, after we talked a little bit about how polar bears live in Antarctica and how humans can’t really live there, we watched two YouTube videos about the arctic. (NOT the ones titled “Polar Bear Eats Baby Seal.”

Had it not been Martin Luther King, Jr. day, I would have taken them to the library to explore books on polar bears and Antarctica. But since it was, I went by myself today (Tuesday) while they are in school and asked the children’s librarian for some suggestions. Here are the books we checked out to explore:

I love having my little ones at home and having the freedom to have these sort-of-mini-homeschool units to let them explore what they find interesting.

What other fun arctic-y things could we do?


2 thoughts on “Look, Ma, We DID Something.

  1. Looks fabulous Jessie! Don’t beat yourself up about being out of commission for now-your kids will be just fine. In the grand scheme of their lives, this is just a few months. They probably notice and care WAY less than you do 🙂

    Best wishes to you as you count down to March!!!

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