Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Books

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Since I’ve felt like I have nothing to write about recently except end-of-pregnancy woes, here’s a post from 2009 about my very favorite reads. Even nearly four years later, I can’t think of any books I would add right this second, although there have been many I’ve read and loved. Have your favorite books changed over time?

It’s been a while since I had a Top Ten Tuesday. I know I’ve been a little book-heavy lately, but I’m just in a reading phase! Right now I’m engrossed in Rachel’s Prayer, a book in a phenomenal series by Leisha Kelly.

So without further ado, here are my top ten favorite books, ever.

1. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The book that convinced me to be an English major, this masterpiece is so chock full of themes and characters it will make your head spin. I love the language, the mysticism, the history, and the intrigue.

2. Sophie’s Heart by Lori Wick. The best of the best in Christian fiction. A Czech immigrant becomes a nanny to three children whose mother has died.

3. The Attic Mice by Ethel Pochoeki. My aunt bought me this beautiful book for Christmas when I was a kid, and I still love it. I can’t wait to read it to Libbie. Do you believe in comfort reading? At some point in college, when something fairly tragic happened in my young life, Mr. V read this entire book aloud to me. It’s that kind of book. It’s a chapter book about a family of mice who live in a dollhouse and their adventures over the course of several years. [More about The Attic Mice and comfort reading here.]

4. Charlotte’s Web by EB White. Along those same lines, we have Charlotte’s Web, possibly the world’s best children’s book. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve read this.

5. The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant. I just adored this tale of Renaissance Italy and a romance that couldn’t be.

6. Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler. A favorite from high school. I love Anne Tyler’s simple family stories and exquisite prose. I find this is a tale that challenges your faith, too, wherever you might stand on the faith continuum.

7. Circle of Friends by Maeve Binchy. I love pretty much everything by Maeve Binchy, a modern Irish author. (All her novels, at least. The short stories I am not as crazy about.) I actually discovered her books going to an English bookstore in China. Tara Road was the longest book they had in English. I was bored. An obsession was sparked! [2013 update: Sadly, Binchy died last year at just 72. Her last book, A Week in Winter, was just released and you better believe I’m going to get my paws on it quickly!]

8. Echoes by Robin Jones Gunn. I could probably add the whole Glenbrooke Series as my favorite for #8. But this is my favorite in the Christian romance series. Probably because the hero and heroine are English major nerds, lovers of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, like I am! [2013 update: I don’t like these updated covers for the series. But nobody asked me.]

9. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. By far the best book on writing I’ve ever read. Lamott is not for the faint-at-heart, and I have a love-hate relationship with her books on faith. But this is great, sound advice. I probably need to read it again. [More about this one here.]

10. In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner. Honestly, I’m not sure if this is a true favorite compared to the rest, but I’m running out of ideas here. I do truly love this book. Perhaps I relate to the plus-sized heroine just a little too much. I think Jennifer Weiner takes chick lit to a new level. She’s a fantastic writer. [2013: I’m currently reading Then Came You by Weiner. I think I may have outgrown her, or it’s just teetering a little too much on the edge of trashy chicklit for me.] [PS Toni Collette as the main character in the movie adaptation of In Her Shoes? SCARRING. Good actress, but seriously. SHE WAS NOT EVER FAT. And just not … right.]

Thoughts on these or your favorite reads?

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Books

  1. OH, I love favorite books posts! Always fun to find new authors.

    I've only read one Lori Wick book. I thought it was eh. This one is really good?

  2. I think I should read some of your books! I’ve read Charlotte’s Web, of course, and In Her Shoes. But the others I have not – going to put them on my to-read list now!

    P.S. Mr. V reading aloud? Crazy, ridiculously SWEET.

  3. Because of your blog I ordered The Attic Mice on Amazon today. I love finding great little treatures (in book form) and can't wait to get it and read it to Mariana.
    I have also put off reading 100 Years of Solitude and I think I will get that one too.

  4. Oh I love your book list. I do so much proofreading/copyediting during the day at work that lately I find it hard to read for pleasure at night and then I get sucked into blogging and well…

    I loved Love In The Time of Cholera so I'll have to check out 100 Years of Solitude!

  5. I love reading book recomedations! I also love Maeve Binchy. I think Circle of Friends is my favorite but I also like "Tara Road" and "Quentins".Have you ever read "Beach Music" by Pat Conroy or anything by him for that matter? Really good. If you like Maeve Binchy and Anne Tyler you'd probably like him too. If you like Nicholas Sparks at all you would love "Suzanne's Diary For Nicholas" by James Patterson. Awesome tear jerker. Who knew the master of suspense could write so amazingly in another genre.
    Anyway, great post. I'll have to check some of those books out! Sorry for the long comment!

  6. Love, love, love Maeve Binchy!!! Tara Road was my first of hers too, and I was hooked!!!! Haven't read anything recently though. Does she have any new ones out?

  7. When I first read this post, I thought maybe I got you the book… and then I went back and read the earlier post. The Attic Mice sounds like one I want to put on the “when I finally have some grandchildren” list. Can’t wait to meet my next grand-nephew, though. 🙂

  8. I didn’t know that Maeve Binchy died last year. That is sad. I have read a lot of her books. Tara Road is probably my favorite. The Glass Lake was the first one of hers I ever read and I ended up naming my first daughter Lena, after a character in that book.

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