Easy Pink Lemonade Play-Dough

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Libbie is slightly obsessed with pink lemonade. Since I generally try to steer her (and all of us) away from food colorings, it makes me kind of desolate. But we eat dinner in a dining hall, and nearly every night she asks for pink lemonade. And often, we give in. Peer pressure.

I bought a little packet of Wyler’s Pink Lemonade mix yesterday at the grocery when I saw it for about a nickel on clearance, thinking I might make some at home for a special treat. But then I saw a post this morning about Kool-Aid play dough and got inspired. (On a blog called Serving Pink Lemonade, no less!)

I thought Libbie would enjoy playing with pink lemonade-scented play-dough, and I told her maybe she could make aliens. But other than supplies, I didn’t give her any real direction.


Aren’t they cute? She was so proud and had a lot of fun.

Easy Pink Lemonade Play-dough

1 1/4 c. flour
1/4 c. salt
1 packet unsweetened Pink Lemonade drink mix (like Kool-Aid or Wyler’s)
1 1/2 T oil
1 c. boiling water

In a bowl, mix together flour, salt, and drink mix. Make a well in the middle and add oil. Quickly pour in water and stir together.

When it’s cool to the touch, knead a few times for dough to come together.

For aliens, provide cookie cutters, googly eyes, and pipe cleaner pieces to play with!

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