The Bunny Trail

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It’s amazing how much chocolate you can accumulate without actually leaving the house.

‘Cause you see, this year, we have our own little Hershey kiss.


So we haven’t been out and about much. But one trip to school, one short Easter egg hunt at church, and one birthday party in the past two weeks were enough to supply Libbie with three month’s worth of treats. (What can I say? I’m the mean mom who limits candy in a major way.)

And then there’s this SWEET basket I got in the mail from Hershey’s!

This year I chose a giant Cadbury chocolate bunny, a Reese’s egg, mini Reese’s bunnies, and mini Cadbury eggs. Um, yeah. Chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate. And peanut butter. Apparently I was having some cravings when I “put in my order” for this!

So thank you, Hershey’s, for filling this nursing mama’s Easter basket with chocolate to help me get through these first few weeks of newborn madness. I will not be sharing.

baby in hershey kiss hat

Happy Easter! Hope you get your fill of Cadbury cream eggs!

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