Blood: 2, Jessie: 0

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“Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”
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We had a pretty lovely day: a playdate with some friends up in the Great Metropolis of Soddy-Daisy; lunch at Burger King (yeah, yeah); naps for all three kids after Joshua nursed and cuddled while I watched Call the Midwife on Netflix; I actually swept and mopped our kitchen floor and the kids’ bathroom [MIRACLE]; and Libbie won in two exciting rounds of Go Fish.

So all is fine and dandy in the house of Vanderbilt. Until David starts asking to use the Thomas the Train potty and Libbie starts trying to climb the blinds in the living room. Somewhere in this chaos, Mr. V griped at Libbie about her antics and she went off to her room.

Where apparently she tried to climb the blinds in there instead.

And then came running out wailing with a deep gash in her left leg. I nearly passed out when I saw how deep it was and went into full-out Mommy Panic. AND HOW THE HECK DID SHE GET A GASH THAT DEEP IN HER LEG?

Oh, let me tell you. We’ve had some framed pictures and art in her room sitting against the heating unit while we decided where to hang them. It appears sometime when she and David were doing battle with the curtains (as shown by the crooked curtain rod – argh) one of the pictures fell over and the glass broke in the frame. Not that they bothered to tell us this nor had we noticed it. (I’m assuming it was probably today. Because wouldn’t I notice large shards of glass sticking out of a picture? WOULD I??)

So whilst trying to climb on her heating unit to get to the blinds on her own window – after being reprimanded about doing the same thing in the living room – Libbie sliced her leg on a shard of glass sticking out from the picture.

We’ll call it a draw between whose fault this one was, ours or the kid’s.

So three-and-a-half hours later, we finally got back from urgent care. The nurse only gave me a small eyebrow raise when I told her how the injury happened.  Libbie got three stitches and a good tale for her teachers at Mother’s Day Out tomorrow.

I just hope she doesn’t mention the vagrant glass in her bedroom. Or how Mommy just runs around in panicked circles while Daddy actually takes care of it when there’s an emergency. (Pretty much the same thing happened when David tried to slice off his pinky finger in October.)

So, yeah. How was your day? Visit any urgent cares lately?

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