Horsey Camp for Little Ones

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With my little ones done with their Mother’s Day Out program for the summer, I’m trying to plan some fun things for them. Last year we did Dinosaur “Camp” with great success. This summer, I’d like to plan a “camp” most weeks (this is totally stolen from my friend JessieLeigh, who says she stole it from Jessica … which is weird, since our names are all basically the same).

I asked David what his favorite animal is, and he said horseys. So we decided to start the summer with horsey week!

Now I had hoped to do more this week, but between Libbie getting a cavity filled on Tuesday and me coming down with the virus she had last week … things have been rougher than I had hoped.

But there’s no such thing as a perfect mom or a perfect week. So I am going to share what we DID get done. And you can check out my Horsey Camp Pinterest Board for more ideas.

horsey craft


We started off with this fun painted horse craft on Monday (via Learn Create Love). Libbie enjoyed painting the parts and gluing them together. I let her pick out a piece of scrapbook paper on which to glue them … obviously.

paper plate horse craft


This paper plate craft was very easy {how do I love free printable crafts? let me count the ways).

3 dinosaurs farm curriculum

I was feeling especially rotten yesterday, so I found the Farm Curriculum Pack at 3 Dinosaurs and printed off a bunch of sheets for Libbie to do. She put together some puzzles, traced lines, found patterns, and more.

For our snack on Monday, we had “horsey oats,” AKA granola. Other snacks could include apples and carrots (my Chock Full of Healthy Muffins have both and would be a fun thing to cook together).

Some of our favorite horsey books and books that have horseys that we read this week are:

We had a good time dancing to horse songs, too! These were the best ones on our playlist:

Again, I have a lot more on my Pinterest board. I really wanted to take the kids to ride the carousel at Coolidge Park, but this was not my week. Maybe next week …

Do you plan activities for the summer?


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  1. This is a great idea. My 8 year old has 3 day camps he will be attending this summer, so I have to come up with plans to fill the days for my 4 year old. This week is my planning week, and this is a great spring board for me! Thanks.

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