My Name is Jessie and I’m a Gymboree Addict (GIVEAWAY)

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IMG_1770Chunky and adorable. I love this little guy!My little princess!


So, I’m totally addicted to Gymboree.

When it comes to my own clothes, I’m pretty thrifty. There are certain stores I like, but my favorite jeans are from Wal-Mart and I have a lot that comes from thrift stores. And some of my kids’ clothes come from the thrift store, too. It’s hard to spend a lot of money when you know they’re probably going to ruin an item of clothing immediately.

But since before I even had Libbie, I’ve had a soft spot for Gymboree. I want my kids to look like little kids, not like teenagers-in-training or advertisements for the Disney channel (although yes, we do have clothes with Lightning McQueen in David’s closet, too). And to me, Gymboree has the cutest, sweetest, most adorable kids’ clothes in existence.

It all started with this little dress that I bought (along with a pink cowgirl hat and boots) before her birth.


I still remembering running to the store during a lunchbreak with a friend, juggling coupons and nearly crying over the cuteness of tiny, soft boots for the baby kicking me from the inside.

I know we can be frank here: Gymboree is not the cheapest option for children’s clothes. But I believe with coupons, Gymbucks, and sales you can score a great deal for items that last forever. I have some Gymboree clothes for the kids that I’ve gotten at thrift stores or consignment sales – some of them are 10 years old. But they aren’t falling apart at the seams, don’t have tiny holes from wash and wear, and they haven’t shrunk.

Not to mention when I go in the store my kids can watch a TV program while I browse and the salespeople are always super nice.

I mean, really. He has got the be the cutest kid EVER.My Gymboree modelIMG_2139


After I Tweeted my praises and obsession, Gymboree contacted ME and asked if they could give me a gift card to spend there. Their rep has been one of the easiest and sweetest people I have worked with in the course of blogging. And YES! I will happily add to my kids’ summer wardrobes at their expense.

I’m super in love with this whale line {and also that David still wears 18-24 months so the boys can match or coordinate}.

My boys.


So of course, I want you to be able to outfit your own cuties (or some you know and love) in this adorable clothing.

IMG_2079Gussied up for school. All sweetness this morning!IMG_1977


Use Rafflecopter below to enter. Winner will be selected Sunday, May 26 {my birthday!}.

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67 thoughts on “My Name is Jessie and I’m a Gymboree Addict (GIVEAWAY)

  1. Oh God, making me go look at the site is TORTURE. We seriously love Gymboree and I totally agree that even though they aren’t the cheapest option the clothes last forever. Caroline has so many hand me downs from friends that are still in great shape.

    The new Strawberry Sweetheart line is killing me. How adorable would my little redhead be in that stuff?

  2. I adore the duck velour hoodie! I’m pregnant with my first & we’re planning to keep baby’s gender a surprise, so I love that they have CUTE gender-neutral clothes 🙂

  3. We just purchased the most adorable purple retro-inspired swimsuit from Gymboree for my nearly 1yo daughter. I’d love to get her some accessories!

  4. Haven’t bought their stuff before, but I may soon be an addict too! Went to the site and love the little boys button down shirts. So cute!

  5. I love Gymboree too. It’s very rare that I’ll buy anything there full-price, but I shop the sale racks and use Gymbucks, and like you said, even the older stuff you buy used is still in such good shape!

    Of the currently featured lines, I love the Surf Adventure one. So cute.

  6. Gah! I love Gymboree and I am lucky enough to leave near an Outlet store where I admit I score some great clearance deals! I’m loving their Preppy Peach line… especially that Chambray dress!

  7. I really like Gymboree clothes also. I usually only shop the sales racks as we are a one income family. I have 3 boys and the clothes get passed down. I have had to replace many clothes for the 3rd but all the Gymboree clothes still look fantastic. I would love to purchase some items from the All American Style collection or the everyday favorites. Some shirts are on sale for only $6!

  8. I am a Gymbo addict too…and I never paid much attention to their boy clothes or thought boy clothes were all that cute until of course I had a boy and now I am torn when I go into Gymboree as to which side to look at first! Love the shark line for boys…

  9. I am loving the little dinosaur 4th of July shirt. I am not big on clothing for specific holidays, but for some reason I love stuff for the 4th

    • At least with patriotic clothes they can wear them for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day – and any other day you feel patriotic, of course! Red white and blue is as classic as it gets!

  10. I really love their belted uniform shorts for boys. They can withstand anything and come clean for the next day!!

  11. Thanks for the chance to win! My in-laws are obsessed with Gymboree, which is great because like you said, it can be pricey! I agree, the clothes are adorable and the quality is great.

    Have you seen their sister company’s line for moms? Shade Clothing? I LOVE them for layering basics. Was going to pick up some more maternity shirts but it seems like they’re mostly sold out of summer things. Weird. But usually for non-preggos at least, they have a great selection and great prices.

  12. Ahhhh! I was just at Gymboree today! Bought the boys pajamas, matching shoes, and an outfit a piece. I love all the little boy clothes with sharks!

  13. I love the Elephants Hooded Cardigan! Gymboree always has the cutest clothes. Thank you so much for the chance to win this fabulous prize.

  14. Dressed my guy in the Patchwork Polo Shirt from the East Coast Harbor line for his PreK graduation. I am loving the Going Costal line especially the Engineer shorts and the Hoodie!

  15. I love this outfit–

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  16. I really like their bike shorts. They are perfect for my very active girl to wear under her uniforms, dresses and skirts.

  17. I love their clothes as well. I usually go there when I need to buy a gift as their clothes are so sweet. Happy Birthday by the way. And my husband & I will celebrate our anniversary that same day 🙂

  18. I love, love, love Gymboree! There clothes are great quality, long-lasting, soft, super cute,….the list goes on! I tend to only shop with coupons or from their sale rack but I have been able to get lots of fun outfits for my three boys over the last 6 years. I currently love the boys shark line.

    I’m thinking I saw that you are a Chatty gal. Think the Gymboree Rep could get us a larger store at Hamilton Place??? I can barely get a stroller in there sometimes! 🙂

    • Yes! And I do a dance when I find it at the thrift store. 🙂 That outfit Libbie’s wearing with the hippo shirt and orange shorts I got at a consignment sale. And their Gymbo Easter clothes were from eBay.

  19. I love Gymboree too! They make my son’s FAVORTIE PJ’s, & they really do last forever. My kids tend to wear out clothes, but he’s had some of those pj’s for a couple of years now. He’ll grow out before he wears out, & he is NOT easy on clothes! I love the details they put into the clothing.adorable jeans for my baby toddling Rosie & they have a soft stretchy elastic band that is comfortable on her tummy, little bows & a scallop in the back. embroidery. Such care goes into them. They are treasures I am truly proud to be able to give them sometimes.

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