Slightly Frightening

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When I posted this on Facebook, it appeared that I’m not the only person scared at how much Libbie and I look alike. It’s sort of crazy! Granted she’s stayed blonde much longer than I did … but otherwise, she’s my carbon copy.

Her vivid imagination is also reminiscent of my own as a child (and, well, I still have it!). I’m never quite sure if she’s telling me something that actually happened or something she’s made up in her head. Her pretend play is vivid and lovely.

(Also, I was bemused when yesterday in the span of five minutes she took her baby to the “nursing room” and pretended to breastfeed her, then put the baby in a “sling.” Not to mention the soothing words she said to the baby doll are awful similar to the things her momma says to Baby Joshua. Hello, are our kids watching us? YES.)

It’s unnerving to realize how similar Libbie is to me – in looks, personality, creativity. I will say she’s an extrovert, whereas I think I’ve always been introverted (or maybe that was just a product of moving to Virginia and being overweight? I don’t know.). It makes me even more determined to help her avoid the issues I’ve dealt with my whole life.

Do you have any “carbon copy” kiddos? 

One thought on “Slightly Frightening

  1. my first born…AKKK..who is 16 is my identical twin ..with dark brown hair…we CLASH because we are soooooo much alike….but then again my middle daughter, who is 13 looks enough like me that i cannot say she is MINE, clashes with me as well…..BUT my baby..who is sigh 11 is soooo much like my husband…that is prolly why we get along the best….what does that tell ya?

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