Things I Learned in June {And a Maybe Somewhat Important Thingy}

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Inspired by Emily’s link-up this morning, here are some things I’ve learned in this long, summer month of togetherness.

1. Seeing my best friend from college once a year is not enough. But it has to do, given how far apart we live, I suppose. We spend the hours talking over each other at 6000 words a minute, trying to squeeze everything in.

I think David looks more like her son that mine, with his blonde hair and blue eyes. He loves you, “Apple.” And I love you, too! (Yes, this is Joshua with her, obviously, not David.)


2. A herniated disc was causing my sciatica, and it finally became un-herniated, PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW. After three plus months of the constant pain in my hip and calf and foot, after waking up every night with such severe calf pain sometimes I couldn’t get back to sleep, it’s gone. I still have the same bulging disc I’ve been dealing with for about two years. But I know that can be managed with physical therapy exercises. If I just do them.

3. I actually kind of like looking nice and shopping for clothes. That hasn’t always been the experience in my past. I still would like to be a size that they always carry in “normal” stores. And I will continue to work toward that. But I’ve learned I can look nice where I am right now with a tiny bit of effort. After five plus years of being pregnant or breastfeeding with a VERY short reprieve only in late 2009 to early 2010 (and I’m still nursing, of course), my body is sort of foreign to me. But we’re getting somewhere.

Investements II Wave Top Plus


4. I am just not a good Dance Mom. The recital almost gave me an ulcer, I didn’t buy a trophy, I didn’t put an ad in the program, I didn’t buy a DVD for her 4 minutes of dancing.

But Libbie loves ballet.



5. My grandparent think they’re way more annoying than they are. They must have told us 20 times how they’re sorry they’re so boring, came to bother us, etc. When in actuality it was so nice that they came to visit and meet Joshua and play with the kids. They took us out to dinner and we had an all-around wonderful time with them.



6. I love teaching Vacation Bible School, but nine 7-year-olds boys, plus some girls, tests my patience. Not that I have much of it.

7. I need more patience. And more love. And more of all of those fruit of the Spirit. Otherwise I am not going to survive having small children.

8. And, lastly, while we’re talking abut spiritual matters …

About once every three weeks I start to wonder if I’m doing anything lasting for God’s Kingdom. What will He say when I meet Him face-to-face? I feel like I am trying to use my gifts for His service. But then a lot of the time I feel like a waste of space. Like a lack of motivation is keeping me from seeing the needs right where I am.

One small thing I’ve decided is about this little space online I’ve had for about seven years now. (Holy moly.) I’ve never made a lot of money through here, but as I was watching some ad money spill in from unexpected traffic to my Summer is for Slow Cooking post, it caused me to think.

Why am I excited to have more traffic? Why is it such a thrill? In the grand scheme of things, making an extra $30 in a month is really not that big. Especially when we have everything we need and it’s not like it makes a huge difference in our budget.

You know where that would make a big difference? To someone who doesn’t have everything they need. To someone who is living on $30 a MONTH to feed six kids.

So that’s why I’ve decided to donate any profits I make from ads or sponsored posts to charities I support. (Excluding Amazon, because I don’t really make enough there to have it sent as a check. I’ll keep using that to buy my kids snacks and diapers. Sorry.) And yes, this is a commitment to say even if I start making $20,000 on the blog, unless my husband loses his job or decides to quit because I’m becoming his sugar mama [ice cube’s chance in …], we will continue to donate all proceeds to these places:


5 thoughts on “Things I Learned in June {And a Maybe Somewhat Important Thingy}

  1. Wow! I love the idea of putting your entire blog income to a charitable cause. My blog earnings have dropped down to pretty much nothing because of changes to my business model. But still, it’s something I should think about doing myself.

  2. I think its a great idea to donate your earnings to a charity! I don’t make a whole lot on my blog either and don’t really attempt to do much because its more my hobby and a record for me than something to make money on. Considering its not money in our budget to use, I entirely think its appropriate to donate!

  3. I am so glad that you are feeling better from the sciatica! Yeah!

    I think it’s awesome that you are going to put some funds towards investing in eternity. The statistics on how much difference our $39 a month make when we invest in the life of a Compassion child are staggering. We blow money so easily, and I think about how we could sacrifice just a little and make a huge difference in the life of a family. Last year, I sent a little extra to our “daughter” and her family, and I got a letter back saying that they were using it to build a bathroom in their home. Seriously? They don’t have a bathroom… what do I have to complain about… nothing. Absolutely nothing….

    • Oh, that is so neat about the extra gift. We just decided to adopt a second Compassion child last week, now that we’re not repaying our second mortgage on our stupid foreclosed condo. Have you read Jen Hatmaker’s 7? It struck me where she was talking about loving others as ourselves as giving away 50% of our income. I love that.

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