What I Wore Wednesday 6.19.13

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Welcome to What I Wore Wednesday, where this week’s theme is apparently “my eyes do funny things in pictures.” Blegh. Just like you, I hate pictures of myself. But I want to show that plus-size women can be cute, on style, and have just as much fun with clothes!


tank: Merona Braided Neckline tank in Bering Sea (Target). jeans: Lauren by Ralph Lauren. shoes: odell flats by mossimo in gold.

I wore this comfy outfit to the rehearsal for Libbie’s dance recital. It promptly got spit up ALL over. Which is pretty much my life.

I love the braiding on this tank. At $15, I’m tempted to buy a couple more colors.


Let’s just be honest. This is what I look like a lot of the time. My room is a mess, I have a baby spitting up on me, and my hair up. I’m a stay-at-home mom of 3, and that’s awesome.

I like this shirt but it kept falling off one shoulder and making me feel very Girls Just Want to Have Fun.

shirt: Old Navy. shorts: Target (I don’t think those are the exact ones, but similar). shoes: Dr. Scholl’s (free at Blissdom ’12 from Famous Footwear).


I thought I had a better picture of me from Libbie’s recital, but alas, no.

dress: NY Collection printed maxi dress via Gwynnie Bee. cami: VERY old Lane Bryant. necklace: my daddy bought it for me for Valentine’s Day before I was even married. 🙂 Libbie: ridiculously expensive feathered dance outfit and flowers from her daddy.


shirt: Investments II wave texture top. pants: Worthington Classic Curvy Fit from JCP.  shoes: mossimo odell flats in black (on sale for $7.50! And yes, I do have them in gold, black, AND cheetah).

I wore this to church Sunday. I think I liked the shirt better with capris last week though.

I’m in love with my clock in the background, by the way. I ordered it from Joss & Main. I got free shipping because when you sign up they give you that for 30 days, and then they ended up giving me a partial refund just because my clock said “London” instead of “Times Square.” (Did I even notice? Um, no.) Their customer service was excellent and I highly recommend shopping through them if you’re looking for some nice things for your home!

maxi dress with chambray shirt

maxi dress: Belk (different print and regular sizes, but same style). chambray shirt: Old Navy. cami: same ancient Lane Bryant one. flippy floppies: somewhere along Virginia Beach.

Look, Jill, I’m trying. I bought my chambray shirt. I bought it specifically to try to wear with a maxi, but I’m thinking it is not working here. Maybe my chest is just too big to pull this off. I will still wear it, but with something else.

This is my favorite maxi dress, though. I love purple. I wore this to Vacation Bible School today.


So, I REALLY need want some white pants or capris or even long shorts for this summer. But it’s so hard to find ones that don’t show panty lines or are completely see through. Do you have any suggestions?

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18 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday 6.19.13

  1. First off, you look adorable! Kudos to you for doing this. As a plus sizer myself, I appreciate the example and encouragement!
    Second, have you tried the Avenue? I get a lot of stuff there. I’m wearing a pair of white walking shorts right now that show neither panty lines nor anything else.
    The main problem I have with plus size clothing is that I’m short (5’3″) and for some reason, most of these stores assume that if you are large you are also tall. So not the case with me. All the pants need to be hemmed.
    Anyways, keep it up!

    • I am 5’3″ also so yeah. Same problem. I’m also short-waisted so a lot of stuff is WAY too long or the straps are like 3 feet too long.

      We don’t have an Avenue here but I have gotten a few things from there. I think my in-laws have one, so I might need to try it or see if they have one in PA near my parents.

      Those Ralph Lauren jeans are the short version (29″) which is just right for me with flats. Usually petites are just a tiny bit too short but regulars are too long. Blegh.

      • Again, same exact issue. Petites are usually too short (except for flats) and regulars are too long. Also short-waisted, and also need all of my straps shortened. Thankful that I have more than one sister who are dressmakers/designers. They fix me right up. Definitely give them a try.

  2. Yay! This is so much fun!

    As far as panty lines go, for me the thicker-fabric bottoms usually do better (like a denim vs. cotton twill).

    I’m with you, love that braided tank and the color is perfect on you.

    • I tried on a really nice pair of Jones New York white jeans that fit great … but were $75. If I could wear them year-round, maybe, but just for summer? I don’t know. I will stalk them til they go on sale maybe.

        • Just did some Internet searching. Same ones I tried on for $70 at Dillards are $51 at Bon-Ton (which we don’t have, but online shopping FTW!), PLUS BOGO so I got another pair of JNY shorts, PLUS free shipping with code. Score.

  3. My white capris (which I love) are Dockers Metro ideal fit (from Kohl’s.) They come in different cuts and mine are the “curvy” because my waist/hip differential is pretty vast. They’re a heavier cotton and don’t show my undies (unless I do something dumb and wear zebra stripes or something 😉 ), and they’re very easy-care: wash, dry, no-iron. I know for a fact that they were less than $30 and probably significantly lower than that.

    • I love that brands are making cuts like this now. I am very much curvy/hourglass and if I can find something to fit in the hips it often gaps a lot at the waist. Go Kohl’s!

  4. YAY for plus size bloggers!!

    As always, you are beautiful, darling! I’m liking the stuff you’ve gotten from Gwynnie Bee. We have different tastes, and I think they work on us both! Libbie looks ridiculously cute in that frou-frou dance outfit, like a baby pink swan of silliness.

    • Yes, I liked most all of what I’ve gotten from Gwynnie Bee – all but that Asos curve shirt and it was just the wrong size. I can’t wait for you to see the shirt and dress I have from them now. SO FUN. (Plus they’ve extended my free trial twice because of a shipping delay. Such great customer service!)

  5. I think you look great!! I might trade the chambray shirt on the bottom for a denim jacket. I haven’t quite figured out how to make the shirts tied at the waist work either. They always look cute on fashion blogs, but they never look right on me.

  6. You are so pretty! I’m feeling awfully lazy now; I think I wore make up once this week and the same dress 3 days running. Thanks for the inspiration! And oh my gosh yes! dance costumes are ridiculously expensive! I can’t understand why each studio doesn’t just give all of their costumes one town to the east each year and receive the costumes from one town west — then everyone would only have to buy one year’s worth of costumes ever and still no repeats!

    • I would totally be behind that dance costume idea. They make a big deal of measuring and everything so the costumes will fit, but then my daughter ended up getting the same size as our friend who weighs 10 pounds less than her and is several inches shorter. So stupid.

      And thanks for the compliment.

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