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Back to back in the waiting room
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I had a conversation yesterday that it would have been really easy not to have.

I took Joshua to the pediatrician for his 4-month check-up – just me and him. We sat in the waiting room, the baby making his normal gigantic smile at anyone who would look at him. Across the room sat a little girl who was probably 8 or so. She and her mom couldn’t stop staring at Joshua and told me how cute he was.

After awhile, we were the only two groups left waiting. I motioned for the girl to come over, let her coo at and hold the baby. Her name was Carlie and she had beautiful, long brown hair with a turquoise streak.

And when I asked her what they were there for, she told me her parents had just gotten divorced, they had just moved here, and she had to see a new doctor.

They got called back then, and she handed Joshua back and frolicked through the door in the way of 8-year-old girls.

It would have been easy to ignore her. But it was just as easy to say hi and I hope make her feel that she was special.

I drove home from the doctor’s office crying a little. I want all my encounters to be like this: to treat people like God sees them, as absolutely precious in every way. It doesn’t matter who it is or how they see me. To God, you are amazing.

I just want to see like He sees.

3 thoughts on “SEEING People

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  2. This reminds me of something my youngest told me once. According to him, divorce is the cruelest thing parents can do to their children! Oh, that we would see others through our Lord’s eyes!
    Much love XX

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