What I Wore Wednesday 7. 10.13

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Casual 4th of July

tank: Faded Glory. chambray: Old Navy. khakis: very old Lane Bryant. shoes: Bass outlet.

This was my attempt to be a little patriotic for the 4th of July. In retrospect, I should have worn a white tank and my red pants (below). But I was comfy and felt cute at our little on-campus-families shindig.

black top red pants

top: petite ruffle top from Covington (Sears). pants: Mossimo. shoes: Qupid Thesis in Leopard from Totsy. purse: Elle from Kohl’s.

I mostly hung around the house in this. It’s sassy but comfortable. I did run out to the store. Jo-Lynne will be horrified to know I took this clashing purse with me. I am not much of a purse-changer. I just don’t care THAT much!


tank: Lane Bryant (not really similar, but this one has the same color palette and I like it!). denim skirt: Ashley Stewart via thrift store. shoes: Qupid turquoise polka dot flats (similar).

I wore shorts and a tank top around the house for cleaning and resting on Saturday, but I changed into this when we had friends over for dinner. I wish the picture were clearer, but I haven’t quite figured out how to get a decent full-length picture. You can’t really see the exposed front zipper on the skirt or the polka dots on my shoes!

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this outfit on, but I really like it in the picture. I think the proportions worked out.

Coldwater Creek top, Vigoss jeans

Top: Coldwater Creek (still available in misses and petites) via GwynnieBee. Jeans: Vigoss embellished skinny jeans via Torrid (similar in bootcut). flats: Mossimo Odell in gold. earrings: local jeweler better known as my Sunday School teacher (won at a women’s event).

Wowwweee that is blurry. Oops. It needs to stop raining so we can take outside pics again!

I knew I didn’t love this top from GwynnieBee, but I decided to give it one wear anyway. I think I am too short and short-waisted for most tunics. And this has the dreaded middle-elastic that kept riding up. It’s a beautiful top, but not for me.

The jeans I’ve had in my drawer for a good year and a half (bought, got pregnant, you know the drill) with the tags still on. I have had some well-fitting Vigoss jeans in the past, and so bought these on a GREAT sale at Torrid. But I couldn’t even button them when they came. I’ve lost a little weight with having J and nursing, so they do now!

They’re definitely more of a low-rise, skinny, junior’s cut than I normally wear. Also 3 inches too long at least. But as the day progressed they grew on me. I even kind of like them cuffed, although I should probably have them hemmed if I am really going to wear them.

So this tunic and skinny jean didn’t really work for me this time … but I may try it without another top. I wore this to church Sunday – I had nursery duty, and I often wear jeans for that. Ironically, it was my own child who pooped all over my jeans at home. (And my shirt, but thankfully I had changed tops the second we got home.)

And I was going to take a picture of what I wore today, because I had on a top you haven’t seen yet ’cause I stole it from my mom, but then I need an escape from children and took a bath at 6 p.m. Said escape lasted approximately 10 minutes before Joshua woke up from nap and started screaming. But now I’m in my PJs, so no go on today.

I’m sure you REALLY needed to know all that.

8 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday 7. 10.13

  1. Elastic in tunics is kind of silly – isn’t the idea to give a nice, long line? A slightly narrower fit and no elastic would be perfect for this – I love that print. All of these looks are darling.

    You may need to pray for me, however; I covet your hair almost to the point of sinfulness, LOL. All that pretty natural curl! I know, I know – we all want the hair God *didn’t* give us.

  2. I’m no fashionista but the outfit that wasn’t your favorite (tunic top & jeans) I really liked! I enjoy your posts. As a thicker girl its hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Your posts have inspired me to try new things 🙂 Thanks for putting yourself out there! Not easy with 3 littles!

    • Yeah, yeah. I am just not much of a purse person and I hate transferring stuff. I end up putting my wallet and phone in our diaper bag half the time anyway (which is a very lovely Petunia Picklebottom, if that helps!).

  3. I tried this top too! It looks so pretty on the site, but it looked sooo bad on me. I even tried two different sizes! For me, it was my hips that really got in the way. We’ll just have to admire it on the site.

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