What I Wore Wednesday 7.2.13

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I tried to be better about pictures this week. Really, I did. But honestly, I spent a LOT of time in the car, bumming around, or sweating profusely outdoors. But here’s what I do have …


top: New Directions Woman from Belk (out of stock online). jeans: Just My Size from Wal-Mart. shoes: Mossimo Odell Flats in gold.

I just wore this around my parents’ and to run some errands with my dad. Wanted to test drive this shirt before I wore it in Chattanooga, I guess. I’m still a little unsure about it. To put it all out there, it makes me feel like I am all chest. Which I kind of am when I’m nursing, but I don’t especially want to feel that way.

Also, I’ve been wearing these jeans since two days after I had Joshua, and I see it’s really obvious they have a fade-crease from where they were packed away with my non-maternity clothes. Ugh. They are my favorite jeans though, and really cheap, so I guess I need to go buy another pair.


cami: Lane Bryant. tank: Merona Braided Neckline tank in bering sea. pants: Christopher and Banks. sandals: Bass outlet.

I just wore this around the house and to go get a pedicure. No, I don’t usually let my bra straps peek out and I tried to keep this adjusted so they weren’t. Oops.

IMG_2410 IMG_2411

dress: Igigi Versailles dress via GwynnieBee. sandals: Nine West. polish: sapphire (I know the brand started with an S but I can’t figure out what it was)

This dress felt great on! And it should at $120. 😉 That’s why Gwynnie Bee is so fun! It’s really a gorgeous dress and I’m going to keep it long enough to wear to church on Sunday, too.

I wore this out for date night with my husband. I wish I had worn heels, but I didn’t have any with me. And really, I rarely wear them at all because my back is so bad (bulging disc). In this case I may sacrifice fashion for not having to stay in bed for days. Worth it, yes?

(All that to say, I really liked the dress but most dresses are a tad long for me without heels, given that I’m 5’3″.)

Thoughts: Would you pay $120 for a dress? What do you think about the polka dot shirt?

18 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday 7.2.13

  1. I love the shirt – it’s crisp and clean and fun, and makes you look sassy.

    I’m not sure I like *this* dress $120 worth. They style of sleeve isn’t as flattering as the polka dot shirt, but I do like the print.

    I once spent $150 for a *sweater*. It’s hard to describe – it was knit sideways, with dolman sleeves. The main color was a beautiful true blue, but the front had patches of white and black, in angora and leather and regular knit and some sequins…not as gaudy as it sounds, very pretty. I wore it everywhere for several years.

    • You’re right about the sleeves. I like the dress, but I don’t LOOOOVE it. But I agree if you find something you super-duper love and will wear a ton, it can be worth a good hunk of change.

  2. I’m kinda cheap when it comes to my own stuff, I think, so I probably wouldn’t spend that on a dress unless it was for some really special occasion. But I know plenty of people who would and I’d never judge that! 🙂

    I LOVE that first top. It jumped out at me right away. I think the detail at the neckline draws the eye up to your lovely face and the shape is flattering! You don’t look “all chest” at me– can you tell you HAVE a chest? Yep. And there’s not a thing wrong with that. 🙂

    • Hehe. Thanks. I’m just very self-conscious about my chest, I guess. Honestly thinking of getting a reduction when Joshua is done nursing. I do really like the neckline on the top and the sleeves.

  3. I love the polka-dot blouse on you! It looks so cute. I’ve never spent more than $50.00 on a dress and almost had an attack over that! BUT, if you wear it often, I think that makes up for the price.

    • Spending money on clothes is hard for me. But yes, if it’s something you’re going to wear a TON it can be worth it. And sometimes the cutest clothes come from Goodwill or Wal-Mart!

  4. I have spent around $120 for a dress. Sometimes it can be worth it. I have about four in that price range that I cycle through for weddings, etc. The cut and design as well as details make it worth it to mr. However, my most recent expensive dress was purchased by my Mom for me for full disclosure.

    • I’m trying to determine if I’ve actually ever spent that on a dress. (This one is “rented” from Gwynnie Bee.) I don’t think so. I would spend a good bit on nice jeans, though, because I wear those constantly.

      • I’ve never considered spending lot on jeans, but it would make a lot of “cents” (hehe) to invest in a good pair or two.

        PS I also like the b&w shirt.

  5. The polka dot top is cute. I would say to wear it, unless you think you will feel self-conscious, and then it’s just not worth itI’m short, too, around 5’3″, so I understand that problem. I’ve learned to hem, but some things just don’t work.

    I wouldn’t spend $120 for a dress, in fact, my last “splurge” for a dress was $40. But I think it’s all a matter of perspective. It’s good to think about how you would wear it and would you get a lot of use out of it. Something that costs more, but you wear a lot is better than something that costs less, but doesn’t make it out of your closet much. (price/wear)

    • Spending $40-$50 for a dress is definitely a splurge for me, since I really only wear dresses on Sunday or out for a date. If I could wear it to work, it might be different. But yes, I definitely try to consider price per wear when I buy something.

      I think I’ll keep wearing the polka dot shirt and try to not be so self-conscious …

  6. Don’t mean to be contrary but … whereas I love the style & detailing of the 1st top, imo the dots are way too BIG and tho ok in a photo, in person such patterns make the person look bigger. I’d see if it comes in a solid. Applause for your current looks!

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  8. I Love that Dot Top and it looks Great on you. Wear it and Feel Beautiful in it!!! I got a reduction and I am very happy I did. Would not change a thing..Make sure you research and find a board certified plastic surgeon. My insurance paid for it as it was really bad for my back 🙂 PS The dress is really cute on you…you rent it for $120?? I would Never do that!! Seems sooooo expensive 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice on the reduction.
      No, I “rented” it through Gwynnie Bee. It is like Netflix for plus-sized clothes – you pay a monthly fee ($80 for 3 items a month) and can keep items as long as you want, free shipping both ways. I was on my free trial so I didn’t pay for the dress at all! But it retails for $120.

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