Be Our Guest: Libbie’s Beauty and the Beast 4th Birthday Party

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First, we’re just going to choose to ignore the fact that this party was over 9 months ago and I haven’t written about it yet. That’s what pregnancy and a baby will do to me. But when my pal Sara at Happy Brown House wrote about her son Asher’s 1st birthday almost a year later … I felt like I had permission to still post this!


My invitations took entirely too much time, as I tried to “design” them myself. I used this picture of Libbie and Belle from our Disney trip in 2011. And they said something like “Be Our Guest at Libbie’s 4th Birthday Party” with all the pertinent information. (They also said it was optional to dress like your favorite prince or princess, which concerned my grandmother. She was worried I expected her to come in a ballgown. Snort.)

If I had to do it over again, I would just buy something cute off Etsy like this. My time and agony spent over something so ridiculous was not worth any money I saved by creating and printing them myself.


Beauty and the Beast Picture Board

  • I made this board with pictures of Libbie’s fourth year. It is just a piece of white foam board with pink tulle glued to it. I used a sparkly letter L, some scrapbook princess pieces, and Beauty and the Beast characters cut out from a Disney brochure to decorate it. It says “Little Beauty” in scrapbooking stickers at the bottom.
  • We had yellow streamers hanging near the food.
  • I made a Lumiere out of egg cartons, cardboard tubes, and an old granola bar box. TRUST ME, I AM NOT CRAFTY ENOUGH FOR THIS. It took way too long and I promise I will never be that insane again.
  • My mom and I hacked something we saw on Etsy for the centerpiece. It’s a yellow bucket from Hobby Lobby filled with flower foam. We then made the dress and the mirror to go in it along with a fake rose. The dress and the mirror were taped on to skewers so they would stay in the foam.

Paper Tube Lumiere Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast Party Centerpiece DIY



(This is Libbie’s friend Ethan with Tiffany from Stuff Parents Need and her daughter, Darah!)


My cousin Brianne with David, the “pi-yate.”

  • As kids and parents entered, we showed them to the crown-making station. These were kits from Hobby Lobby. Even the boys liked making crowns.
  • (By the way, I had told the boy-moms that since Libbie’s birthday is so close to Halloween, the boys could just wear their Halloween costumes if they wanted to dress up! They were all Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Ha!)
  • I made homemade yellow playdough with glitter to play with on another table, along with Beauty and the Beast coloring pages and crayons.
  • We had a TV playing the movie (pretty quietly) for the duration of the party.
  • My sister dressed as Belle and read the kids stories from fairytale storybooks we have.

bb7 bb9

(I had such a little baby bump! Hard to believe that baby is 5 months old now.)


Beauty and the Beast party food bb3

I went for a French food theme. (Also, things I tried to make and gave up on: Cogsworth Cupcakes, Edible Teacups.) What I did make:

  • Vanilla cupcakes (these are the best!) with homemade buttercream and rose decorations
  • Tangy Baked Brie with French bread
  • fruit with dip and relish tray
  • assorted mini savory pastries (frozen and heated up), including mini quiches and spinach puffs
  • croissants with ham and cheese and condiments
  • coffee, juice boxes, and sodas (the party was at 10 a.m., so coffee was a necessity!)
  • I used a mixture of black and white (similar to these) and turquoise paper plates and napkins and plastic silverware.

Beauty and the Beast birthday party

Our favor bags were filled with little playdoughs, candy, and other trinkets. My mom bought lollipop toppers from Etsy and then we forgot to put those suckers in the bags! Oops!

My mom cut out, colored, and decorated all of the dresses on these bags. She said she would never do this for anyone except Libbie!

Beauty and the Beast party favor bags DIY

It was a fantastic party, but it was a LOT of work and I can’t see myself doing something quite so elaborate any time in the near future. In fact, Libbie tried to tell me this year her party was going to be in the same room with a different princess. I informed her that this year her party was going to be Mommy and Daddy at home with some cake. We don’t get big parties every year!

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  1. Just beautiful! I wish I had a little girl! This post made me start singing “Be Our Guest…” because we used to watch this DVD over and over again when my kids were little. Love it!

    What a sweet, sweet party!


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