First Day of Preschool. AKA No Naps, All Crying, All the Time.

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first day of pre-k

Today is Libbie’s much-anticipated first day of preschool. She was BEYOND excited, bouncing off the walls this morning.

Here’s what has happened in the last 2 hours and 57 minutes since I dropped her off:

  • Went to the parents’ meeting. I was picturing a quick, introduce ourselves to other parents in our class type thing. I had David and Joshua with me. After David whined, cried, complained, and yelled for AN HOUR, Joshua started to cry, too. I just left then. I’m sure everyone else was wondering why on earth I hadn’t enrolled my pain-in-the-neck 2-year-old as well. I’m fairly mortified, and only feel better when I realize all those parents also have kids 5 and under.
  • Since we got home, I’ve managed to nurse the baby and let him nap on me for about 15 minutes, then put him down and he screamed for about 30 minutes about not napping.
  • Meanwhile, I made lunch for David, which he didn’t touch except for yogurt, and scarfed down my own lunch.
  • All the housework I’ve done is unloading the dishwasher and picking the Uno cards up off the floor. Everything is a disaster.

Why am I taking the time to tell you all this? So you know, Mom, that I am in the trenches with you. My life is MESSY and I bet yours is, too. It’s OK to let down the mask and show people the dirty. Because you will get a lot of ME TOOs back, I promise.

I’m off to boy-wrangle … maybe I’ll manage to get SOMETHING done before we have to go back to get Libbie?


^^^ Mess. We haz it.

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