From the First Day …

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How do you like to get wet at the swimming pool?

Are you an easing-in kind of girl, inching your way down the steps? Getting used to the water up to your ankles, legs, hips, waist, all the way to your neck? Holding your breath as you finally decide to duck your head underwater and hoping the frigid flash won’t give you a small heart attack? …


I’m so honored to be writing at She Reads Truth today about Lydia. Visit there if you want to read the rest!

And if you’re visit from She Reads Truth, welcome! I hope you’ll take some time to explore Vanderbilt Wife. You might be interested in 31 Days of The Book, where I just read the Bible for a month.

2 thoughts on “From the First Day …

  1. I just wanted to tell you I really enjoyed your post today at She Reads Truth. I love it when they invite guests to post because I usually end up with a new blog to follow! 🙂

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