Kite Fun

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On Tuesday, the kids and I worked on one of the latest Kiwi Crate crafts: kites.

Here’s what mine looked like.

KiwiCrate kite

They loved making them! Mommy loved that there were enough supplies to make three, so David could help with one, too. Libbie aided him in the taping he couldn’t do, but he put on stickers and picked out colors for his parts.

They were so sweet flying them around outside. I flew mine, too!




flying kites

Eventually David got tired and put his in his dump truck for a “dewivewwy.”

David and dump truck

I’m pretty sure these middle-school football players who could see us from below the hill thought we were nuts.


But I didn’t care one bit. I ran around, stickered-face kite behind me.

It’s one of the best parts about being a mom.


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2 thoughts on “Kite Fun

  1. We LOVED this Kiwi Crate, too! Definitely to those little bonus activities that came in this kit if you haven’t yet. Also HUGE hits around here! We should have a kite-flying get together this month!

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