What I Wore Wednesday 8.14.13

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I don’t have much this week – I just keep forgetting to take pictures. You’d think by now I’d be used to it, huh?


dress: Lane Bryant, a few years old. belt: Lane Bryant, ditto. shoes: Naturalizer, thrift store. earrings: very old!

This was my church outfit for Sunday. I have to say now that I am taking care of myself and caring a little how I dress, I enjoy dressing up for church. I really don’t have another excuse to dress up, generally.

I got this dress a few years ago. It’s not ideal for nursing, but it’s cute!

IMG_2598 IMG_2592

top: Lane Bryant, stolen from my sister. jeans: Vigoss embellished pocket. flats: Nine West via thrift store. earrings: Etsy shop Chikako Jewellery, gift from my husband.

Sorry for the awful picture. This is what I wore yesterday, on a more typical, SAHM day for me. We went to storytime at the library, to the dance store to get Libbie tights and new ballet shoes, and to visit a friend.

Orange shoes make me happy. These are orange fake snakeskin.

black top red pants

top: petite ruffle top from Covington (Sears). pants: Mossimo. shoes: Teva Makena.

This picture is from a few weeks ago, but I wore this outfit again this week. One of my summer favorites!

I do solemnly swear to try to be better about taking pics this week!

2 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday 8.14.13

  1. You look very cute and sassy in that dress. Not that you aren’t cute and sassy in everything else, but I like the dress a lot. I miss the days when I would dress up for the office (started off in a public accounting firm where I could wear cute suits, most of which I made). At work now, it’s “business casual” which has a whole range of interpretations.

    • It is kind of sad that dressing for the office is bygone for the most part. I never felt really put together in my business casual attire. Although I admit that had I been pregnant during that time of dressy office, I don’t know what I would have done! Probably wear the same two dresses all the time.

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