What I Wore Wednesday 8.28.13

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dress: White Stag. shoes: Teva Makena. necklace: Charming Charlie.

My mom gave me this dress while we were in North Carolina, so I wore it out shopping one day. Normally I would have worn a different shoe, but this is what I had with me, so oh well.

IMG_2622 IMG_2623

shirt: Joe Brown’s at SimplyBe (I got it for free with one of their awesome coupons by mail!!) [similar-ish, similar plus size] . cami: Avenue. jeans: Avenue. shoes: Mossimo Odell in gold.

This is an example of a tunic I can do: it has slits on the side to accommodate larger hips and it a little loose. At first I didn’t like this shirt at all when I got it, but for some reason with a black camisole instead of white I feel like it works. It’s nice and light for summer and works with a slim cut jean like this.

IMG_2624 IMG_2626

shirt: New Directions Woman. pants: INC via Ross. shoes: Mossimo Odell in black.

OK, I think I am going to auction this shirt to the highest bidder. I tried it again. (See Try 1.) I just don’t feel like it’s the most flattering this on me and emphasizes how big my nursing chest is, which makes me uncomfortable. I like the polka dots and feminine details, but that doesn’t make it work for my body.

On a good note, these pants fit a lot better than they did 2 months ago! I am officially down a pants size and very happy about it!

IMG_2673 IMG_2679

cami: Avenue. cardigan: Christopher and Banks (similar). jeans: Avenue. shoes: Qupid via Totsy (similar and adorable). necklace: Charming Charlie (similar).

I can’t believe I haven’t shown you this cardigan yet because I wear it ALL THE TIME. Whoever created waterfall cardigans is my favorite. The details on this one are so fun; my husband doesn’t get the lace with t-shirt material but I think that’s what makes it a great top.

I got a bunch of new camisoles at Avenue last week because mine were old as dirt. It’s so nice to wear one that’s not stained and shrunken beyond belief. I don’t think we have an Avenue store here, and I may have gone a little shop-happy: I got jeans, black pants, two pairs of earrings, three undies, five camisoles, and a sparkly shirt – all for about $110. Woohoo! They are having MAD SALES at their site right now, but it’s work to find items in your size. If you can, though, I think everything is under $7.

So here’s your question of the week: Do you have staples in your wardrobe that desperately need replaced?


On a sidenote, in NC I also discovered Naartjie Kids. And I am obsessed. I want to buy everything they have for Libbie and throw away most of her other clothes. Of course, that’s not going to happen. But seriously, their stuff is so cute, soft, and unique. I love it.


12 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday 8.28.13

  1. I actually really love the polka dot shirt on you! If you don’t feel comfortable, move on for sure but just wanted you to know I like it 🙂

    Also, the gray striped cardigan is great! My gray cardigan desperately needs replaced!

    • Thanks, Amy. I don’t know, it just feels like too much something on me, and I feel bigger in it, too. Something I never should have bought because I wasn’t sure about it in the store. My sister talked me into it.

  2. The jeans and cardi outfit is my favorite but maybe it is because you look so happy wearing it. Maybe it was the new camisole. Lol but your hair in the second outfit is amazing. And you are getting so much better at taking pictures. Always look forward to your blog.

    • Thanks, Rose! How sweet! So true – the better I feel in an outfit, the happier it makes me to share it! I wish I could get some better pictures. It’s hard to find a time when my husband and I are both home and can go outside to take a picture without worrying one of the kids will kill another one. By the time they’re all in bed, it’s dark. I hate the mirror pictures but some days it’s what works, huh?

  3. I love camisoles. Seriously, the best things ever. When I see good ones, I just pick up a couple in different colors. I got some great lacy ones lately from Walmart of all places!

    You look fantastic in that dress, and that bottom outfit is just like something I would pick out of my closet (aka great of course!).

    • I may be slightly addicted to camisoles as well. But I blame it on the nursing/pregnant/already big chest I’ve been sporting for 5 years+. I NEED a cami so I’m not flashing the ladies to everyone. I am loving these ones from Avenue!

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