What I Wore Wednesday 8.7.13

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So we’ve reached the point in the summer + baby where I don’t know what day of the week it is, nevertheless what the date is. A few more weeks and we’ll be back on some kind of schedule. I enjoy the summers and having my hubby home, but I like a little schedule, too!

Here’s what I wore (that is decent enough to show!) this week.


top: Lane Bryant. jeans: Vigoss. shoes: Mossimo Odell flats in black. purse: Elle via Kohl’s.

I’m having a love affair with these jeans now. I can’t decide whether to get them hemmed or not. I like the cuffed look, especially for summer. But I think once winter comes I will want them regular. Maybe I could even buy some boots that will fit over my calves so I can wear them with taller boots! (They sell larger-calf ones at SimplyBe and Lane Bryant.)

I got this top a few summers ago at Lane Bryant and I love the print. It has fun ties on the sleeves, too! I wore this for my anniversary date with my husband. We went casual and went to Genghis Grill and then to play trivia at Buffalo Wild Wings.

IMG_2543  IMG_2548

dress: Leslie Fay cheetah print dress via Gwynnie Bee. shoes: Nine West.

I wore this Gwynnie Bee dress to church Sunday. Was feeling pretty sassy, although I was wishing I had some red shoes and jewelry!

I really liked how this dress fit. It’s on the shorter side, which is perfect for me at 5’3″. A lot of dresses are well below the knee on me, making me feel like a midget.

And just to prove that my children cannot even go 10 seconds (the length it takes my camera to take 3 timed pictures) without needing me …



top: investments ii. jeans: same Vigoss ones. flats: Mossimo Odell in black.

I just wore this out to dinner with the fam. I’ve shown it to you two other weeks (here and here), but I think I like it with jeans and flats the best. It’s such a fun top and very lightweight, so it’s nice for the sweltering heat while still offering some coverage.

And now it’s way past bedtime for this tired momma. I promise I haven’t forgotten about writing the posts I swore I would this week … but I’ve been busy playing sticker books and choo-choos and napping and trying to keep my house from becoming a total disaster zone. I’m sucking up the end of summer and trying to hang on to some sanity. So I’ll write. Soon. Sometime.

How would you style a leopard/cheetah dress?


6 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday 8.7.13

  1. I LOVE the cheetah dress on you! So sassy and pretty! Definitely one to keep for a few weeks. I went on and added it to my Gwynnie Bee closet, too!

  2. That dress would look pretty good with some dressy boots. I miss ‘boot-weather’ cuz a nice pair of boots makes just about any outfit better!!

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