A Few Unrelated Things I Feel I Absolutely Must Tell You.

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I hit the shoe jackpot at a local thrift store a few weeks ago. Not only did I find the kelly green, slingback flats for $2.09 …

green patent slingback shoe

I found tennis shoes in David’s size. For $1.99. But they are not JUST tennis shoes (or sneakers, whatever). They are look-like-new, Disney, Toy Story 3, LIGHT UP shoes. He think he is hot stuff.

Disney Buzz and Woody light up shoe

I also found these gorgeous suede and giraffe wedges in my size for $7. Right now I’m stuck in un-fun shoes because of my back, but I plan on wearing these ASAP! Given the brand, I’m guessing they retailed for about $70. Woot woot!

suede giraffe wedges


My baby is 6 months old today. Half a year. How is that possible? He is the happiest, sweetest thing to ever grace this planet, I think. My little evidence-of-mercy.

Crazy happy baby

Joshua and my sister, who moved here just to have these sweet playground moments with my babies!

happy baby


I finished BooMama‘s book A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet yesterday. I was honestly worried I would be disappointed by it, but NO. It is fantastic and reads just like her blogs. The chapters are kind of like long blog posts, a little here and there but telling her family stories from relatives in Mississippi. Just like when I read her blog, I laughed out loud a lot and was touched by her faith. I definitely recommend it!


I took these spider web pictures at the playground Saturday. (Which was a GLORIOUS day, by the way. AKA not eleventy million degrees.) Isn’t it amazing that spiders just know to make these intricate, beautiful designs? God is so fascinating. So detailed.

playground spider web spider web playground spider web

Happy Monday, y’all. How ’bout you tell me one random thing about YOUR weekend now?

4 thoughts on “A Few Unrelated Things I Feel I Absolutely Must Tell You.

  1. I was on video duty this Sunday. We put the presentation together that morning, before the first service (no stress there, LOL).The pastor didn’t send us his text (we pull the scripture to put up on the screen) until fifteen minutes before the service started.

    I got them all in – correctly. Because I simply rock. 🙂

  2. I love those black-and-giraffe shoes!! I’m trying GwynnieBee thanks to your recommendation, and so far it’s a lot of fun! My first item was a miss, but the second one came today and I think it’s great!

    • They’re actually dark brown – sorry, bad lighting! But adorable. So glad you’re liking Gwynnie Bee! My sister is doing her free trial right now, too. You’ll have to show me pictures! I’ve actually bought three of the items I tried now! (Two on my own, one right from Gwynnie Bee.)

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