What I Wore Wednesday 9.17.13

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blue and white maxi dress

dress: Ruby Rd.

I feel like this maxi dress is a little fancier than my others, due to the jewels and stones on the chest, but I just wore it around and about last Wednesday. I love the fun, tie-dye-y pattern on it.


shirt: investments ii. jeans: vigoss (similar). shoes: Teva Makena flats.

Oh hey, I remember why I wore a dress on Wednesday. Last Tuesday night I could hardly move because my bulging disc has been acting up again. Sigh.

I remember that because I’ve worn these shoes every day. I don’t have to tie the laces and they feel like tennis shoes.

bubble shirt, baby on hip

top: Studio Works Pebble print tee (Bon-Ton). jeans: Just My Size. shoes: Teva Makena flats.

It was so nice and cool Saturday. My sister and I took my kids to the playground at the local elementary school.

I hear a baby on the hip is all the rage in fall fashion.

2 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday 9.17.13

  1. Babies on your hip are the CUTEST accessory, no matter what season! Those little skimmer shoes are driving me crazy with longing; I have a shoe wardrobe built up only of flats. Even my boots are flat soled.

    • I have just recently gone back to wearing any kind of heel … but if I do it’s pretty low. My back is too messed up and a bad ankle sprain years back doesn’t help. The Tevas are TOTALLY worth the money, though, if you need any help being convinced. They seriously feel like tennis shoes but are cute!

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