Five Minute Friday: Laundry

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October 10, 2009


I remember the moments sorting through trash bags of hand-me-downs on the floor of my first baby’s nursery, before she was even born.

I cradled each onesie and pair of pants in my hands, wondering what this tiny creature growing inside me would look like, smell like, feel like. How awe-inspiring that she would actually come out of my body, wear these tiny things.

I loved washing them, letting them fluff in the dryer, and even though I couldn’t use detergent with scent they still smelled clean, fresh, and full of promise. I teared up over sleepers, precious with pink flowers and white puppies. I accumulated more clothes than she could have worn and then gave it away by the bagful when she outgrew it.

Her clothes are so much bigger now. Socks with beads that click-clack, jean dresses, zebra stripes, so much pink. Disney princess tops she wears again and again and again. The one pair of jeans – no button, no zipper, no snap – that she will allow to grace her nonexistent hips.

She turns 5 next week. And I still want to zip her up in fleece pajamas and hold her in my lap. Tell her to stop sassing, stop fighting, stop being so very old and be my baby again. Let me smell your head, touch your cheek in wonder, and cry just a little over the wonder of a first child.



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10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Laundry

  1. I loved reading this post! So true that we felt such excitement in washing those hand me downs. I can well remember the feeling. And the smell of baby laundry detergent was so special to me! Beautiful post! Visiting from Lisa Jo’s this morning.

  2. We started using free and clear detergent because my firstborn was allergic to the baby stuff. We still use it because I love how it just smells clean. It makes me think of early days at home, just him and me, before the world of school and friends intruded and made him more than just mine.

  3. I ache to read this post. I have a wee girl on the verge of two and I find that I so often just want to stop time. It makes me want to bottle the moments. Thanks for sharing your beautiful baby (which she will be forever to you, right?) Thanks for stopping by my place today. Glad I was able to come over to your place for a visit!

    • Snapshot those moments in your brain! It’s crazy how now, with my third child, I try so hard to remember each noise and movement he makes, knowing he is probably my last baby and how quickly my memories fade.

    • I don’t think it’s where I intended to go, but honestly even with three little ones I’ve always enjoyed doing laundry of little clothes. {Although I shudder to think how many loads of laundry I’ll be doing once they’re all teenagers.}

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