Five Minute Friday Live from Allume!

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Prompt: Together

vanderbilt wife and kayla aimee

We’ve known each other a few days in Internet time but just a few hours in “real life,” those words that spatter my language more often than not. (Are those hours online not real? Tell that to my dishes and carpet.)

But in the span of two hours, she’s dealt with a crying rage from my 2-year-old, we’ve been sharing heart stories of sadness and marriage and childbearing and rearing. It takes so little time to establish heart connection. To learn what we have in common and what is different.

I picked up Kayla at a Cracker Barrel this morning, a plan in place for only a day and a half. I hauled all three kids in with me while she had her daughter and dad. Over eggs friendship began.

I’d planned on showing up at Allume alone, and a little unsure what would proceed. But I’m glad that this tiny bit of God showed up in my travel plans. Because we came in together, prepared, armed with a plan to refuse to compare and instead choose what we all have in common, a love for Christ and sharing Him through words.

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