Mess-Free Pumpkin Carving

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photo source: Scott Schrantz

My dad couldn’t believe it when Libbie told him she had never carved a pumpkin before.

Granted, she’s not quite 5. That’s not THAT old, right? But I think we’ve avoided it to this point because of the grand messes I recall making when it was me, my sister, and my dad in front of the pumpkins.

Pumpkin guts rank very high on my list of things to avoid.

But because he’s a grandpa now and he will do anything for his little princess granddaughter, Poppy agreed readily to help Libbie carve a pumpkin yesterday. He was quite the artiste back in the day; we always had a masterpiece on our front porch – until the neighborhood boys smashed it on Halloween night.

He and Libbie went out onto our back porch to keep the wreckage at a minimum. But I was shocked to find that when they were done there was no mess to be found. None. Nada.

And here is where I give my dad great accolades. I NEVER would have thought of this simple idea myself. He’s a genius!

He carved the pumpkin on top of an inside-out trash bag. As he scooped, he placed the guts on the bag. Then when he was finished he simply moved the jack-o-lantern to its new home and maneuvered the trash bag right side out, keeping all the guts safely inside.

Now there’s no way to keep your hands from getting gooey that I’ve ever heard of or seen. But this trick will keep your table clean and makes for a very easy clean-up. All the parents said, Hallelujah!

Maybe I won’t be so scared to try pumpkin-carving myself in the future.

Here’s our new little friend.



3 thoughts on “Mess-Free Pumpkin Carving

  1. We always tear open a trash bag and tape down the corners on the garage floor. Then just fold up the mess into the bag and toss it. Last year my hubby carved both sides of one pumpkin, though, just to avoid having to clean out more than absolutely necessary.

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