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When …

  • you’ve picked up everything in two kids’ rooms today and most of it is already back on the floor …
  • your daughter wants to know why you can’t just sit and stare intently at her when she’s painting …
  • the baby has been crying for 45 minutes solid and won’t take a nap …
  • you forgot the measuring cup still had water in it and spilled it everywhere …
  • nobody noticed the four hours you spent straightening and tending and potty-training and clothes-sorting …

… it’s OK to cry a little, right?



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13 thoughts on “OK.

  1. Hershey’s Nuggets with Almonds helps, too. Those and half a box of kleenex are my best friends tonight.

    Will pray for you for an easier day tomorrow.

    • We ended up having my sister and her boyfriend for dinner because her power was out, and some sister time and a late-90s romcom were just what I needed! Joshua was up half the night, but I feel OK this morning.

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