Throwback Thursday #TBT: Top Ten Things I Learned While Getting a Massage Saturday

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I’ve been so crazy I haven’t really felt like writing this week, so I give you instead this post from 2009. {People commented in 2009!! Oh the commenting! Before smartphones!}


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10 Things I Learned While Getting a Massage Saturday

1. I still hate the smell of eucalyptus. A LOT. Fortunately, the smell was only pervasive when I was laying on my back.

2. I kind of wish I could read a magazine when I am getting a massage, like I can while getting a pedicure. Pedicure time is the only time I let myself read stuff like People and US Weekly. Part of the no-thinking process. Or at least I could read a book. Like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, which is taking me forever to reread.

3. It is very difficult to get your feet rubbed when you have a big old cut across the top of your foot. But my masseuse did a great job avoiding it. (I just asked her to not rub my legs, which are still covered in bruises.)

4. And I LOOOOVE to have my hands and feet rubbed. It’s the best part. I totally need a house-elf that can do it for me all the time. (Sorry. Again, with the whole rereading Harry Potter.)

5. All of that research on natural childbirth paid off when I was doing labor breathing to cut the pain from having knots massaged out of my shoulder. Maybe I should not have told the masseuse to press as hard as she wanted.

6. And P.S.–when you are under crazy amounts of stress, you get really bad knots in your shoulders.

7. I am completely unable to shut my brain off and just enjoy anything.

8. I compose blog posts in my head pretty much all the time.

9. I have absolutely no modesty anymore after living with a semi-nudist in college and breastfeeding for nine months. I used to try to hide under the sheet when I turned over or whatever. Now, who cares? It’s just boobs. And she was a woman.

10. Having an hour to pamper myself, let my mind roam free, and not have to chase around Libbie: priceless.

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18 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday #TBT: Top Ten Things I Learned While Getting a Massage Saturday

  1. I absolutely agree that having a professional massage is priceless. I love it! And I can totally identify with the knots in the shoulders due to stress. Been there, done that, threw away the t-shirt!

    Great post – thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh alot of those sound like me! Not the modesty part – still definitely modest:) But I can't ever seem to just relax & enjoy those things … maybe b/c they don't happen enough!!

  3. Funny – my hubby was just talking about having a house elf to do the dishes and clean the toilets (the latter being one of his designated jobs). He promised me that he'd treat the house elf very well if I'd get him one! 🙂

  4. I'm so insanely jealous of the massage, with or without eucalyptus!

    As for the in-head-blog-composing, I do that too. To the point where I start getting really tired of my inner commentary voice prattering on and on. (It's bad enough my 2 and 4 yr old children never stop talking!)

  5. A couple weeks ago, I told my best friend that I can’t just “live life” anymore; I have to be searching for something to blog about. Of course, I know that in my life, blogging is not the problem. Because before it was blogging it was scrapbooking. 

    I’m glad you got to get a massage!!!

  6. I still can't get over the fact the you ahve a kid and founfd time for a massage! Whatever you did right, I need to learnt hat trick becasue I could totally use one!

  7. I think you've convinced me to go get a massage!

    Also, having a baby pretty much made me lose all my modesty. In front of women, anyway.

    I cannot count how many nurses I was buck-naked in front of while in labor or during recovery. And how many nurses/lactation consultants I just bared it all out for. Whatever! Just boobs.

  8. Hmmm – going to a lovely hotel next week and it has a spa. Was thinking about a facial – maybe I should have a massage?

  9. I will go with you on #8. It's a sickness at this point.
    And house elves doing massages is WONDERFUL thinking.
    And semi-nudist?? WHAT??

  10. Hi! Found yoru blog through (in)courage! I am also from Nashville. Actualyl I live west of Nashville now but I still work in town! I am really enjoying yoru blog!

  11. Yeah, totally jealous of the massage. I got a pedicure yesterday, but got the most pathetic excuse for a foot rub ever with it. Dagnabbit, I need more pampering!

  12. Ahhhhh… HEAVEN. For my birthday, my mom got me a g.c. to a spa. I cannot WAIT to use it. A massage is on my wish list. As is a facial. And a mani/pedi. I'm not sure the g.c. will cover it all, but I sure will try.

    And LOL about composing blog posts all the time. I do that too!

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