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top: Fashion Bug, hand-me-down from my mom (similar). jeans: Avenue. shoes: Mossimo Odell in cheetah. necklace: Charming Charlie.

I wore this to a friend’s birthday shindig on Saturday night. I used to really love this top, but I’ve had second thoughts about it lately. With a camisole underneath, though, I feel better. And yes, it WAS still 88 degrees in October, as much as I wanted to throw on a sweater instead!



The boring stuff: cami: Avenue. chambray shirt: Old Navy. pants: Christopher & Banks. flats: Mossimo Odell in cheetah. jewelry: old and old.

And now I want you to know what I see when I look at these pictures.

  • I am wearing two buns, which I lovingly call Minnie Mouse ears. I think that came from Erin. I went to Chuck E. Cheese with David and Joshua for a friend’s daughter’s birthday, and the new 3-year-old was wearing the same hairdo.
  • These pants are too big. Almost all my pants are. I should be jumping up and down with joy about that! But really I’m trying to figure out WHEN I am going to go shopping without little ones climbing on me and without feeling guilty about it. (AKA Never.)
  • I like the chambray shirt, but I never know how to wear it. It makes me feel like I’m trying to be trendy.
  • My chiropractor has all but forbid me from wearing flimsy flats like this. And also from having more kids. Poor back.
  • I take close pictures of my face without make-up. I’m not sure whether I should be ashamed or proud.

IMG_2897 IMG_2898

  • There is glitter on my cheek in this picture. I don’t know where it’s from.
  • I now have to shove aside the pack-and-play and a pile of clothes to donate when I want to take a picture in my VERY smudged-by-small-hands full-length mirror.
  • Libbie often wants to come into our bedroom just to admire herself in the big mirror. Ay yi yi.

And while we’re being honest … I didn’t wear much the rest of the week that I would post here happily. We are so between seasons here right now – cool in the mornings, hot in the afternoons. Today I wore a black shirt with a pumpkin on it from Old Navy via the thrift store and my jeans that have a big crease-fading on one leg and yellow paint on the other.

It’s just clothes.

8 thoughts on “What I See

  1. I will watch your children so you can buy pants that fit-CELEBRATE the fact that yours are too big. You can take close ups of your face because you are young and gorgeous. You should also celebrate that. I wish I had appreciated it when I was young, thin, and beautiful. Now I am older, chubby, and sometimes I feel pretty (with makeup). So enjoy it while you have it. And definitely be happy over glitter…you sparkle.
    p.s. Never get after Libbie for admiring herself in a big mirror.

  2. I think we all have similar “thoughts” when we look in the mirror or see pictures of ourselves- at least I know I do! But I think you look great. 🙂

  3. Life with daughters: my husband asks me to check him for glitter before he walks out the door each day. 😉

    Love your outfit (& close-ups without makeup) posts. You have amazing dimples and a great smile – who needs makeup? Kidding, of course. We moms do need a bit of makeup now and again. (Under-eye concealer, for me, is an almost MUST.)

  4. A) FACT: You look beautiful without makeup. (With too, but that wasn’t the question.)

    B) Yes, it was totally me who wore my hair like that, and I occasionally still do. And I also see kiddos wearing their hair like that, sometimes my niece.

    C) Chambray is too confusing for me to wear. I’m never sure if I should be ironic or a cowgirl. So I just don’t own any.

  5. I see a gorgeous smile and you should feel no shame in taking close ups of your face because your skin is amazing and the shots are beautiful.

    2 hours – take 2 hours for you and shop – by yourself – no kids, and feel no guilt because kids need their mommy to get away sometimes. Jeans that fit are AMAZING!

    Forget the chambray. It’s too complicated.

    • Ahhh, two hours. That does sounds blissful. I’m hoping to grab these hours up this weekend since my parents will be here. I sort of need some pants that fit since I am going to a conference on Thursday!

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