What I Wore Wednesday 10.2.13

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dress: Joe Brown’s from SimplyBe. cami: Self Expressions slimming tank top (retails for $18, found NWT at thrift store for $6!). shoes: ancient, from Payless. earrings: local jeweler. necklace: Etsy (similar from same seller) – you can’t really tell from my picture, but it’s a calla lily with a pearl inside and I adore it.

I fell crazy in love with this dress online when it debuted a few years ago, and I waited until it was marked way down and had it shipped to me all the way from Merry Olde England. Definitely one of my favorites! I wore this to church Sunday.


dress: from Belk. you can’t see my shoes, but I wore BCBG flip-flops (these in blue) that I got at TJ Maxx for $5. necklace: not sure of the brand, my husband bought it for me at the Hershey Lodge one Christmas.

I am trying to believe this is the last week of summer we’ll have in Tennessee. It’s been in the low 80s still this week, so I gave my favorite maxi dress one more wear.

IMG_2862 IMG_2863

tank: Lane Bryant, hand-me-down from my sister. pants: pants: Worthington Classic Curvy Fit in denimTeva Makena flats. earrings: Avenue.

This is what I wore today. And I took a picture because, well, I felt like I needed one more look. I’ve worn much cuter things this week that I’ve failed to take pictures of! Argh! I feel pretty lumpy in this top … it either needs the slimming tank or to go to Goodwill!

Avenue does some really fun, inexpensive earrings if that’s something you need in your wardrobe! They also have great mega-clearances, where I grabbed mine up for $2 or so.


My mom might gripe at me for all the hair-up pictures, but Joshua is at the phase where he yanks it straight out of my head if I’m wearing it down. Sad face.  I really do like my hair and I’d prefer to wear it down, but I also like it to stay attached to my head.

Done any shopping lately? Bought anything fun? Other than stocking up for next summer for my middle child at Crazy 8, I haven’t done much. Let me shop vicariously through you! 😉

3 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday 10.2.13

  1. LOVE that first dress. Love you IN that dress.

    Sidenote: I have replaced my printer, so I can finally make the label for Joshua’s quilt (you’ll see why I needed the printer when you get it). I’ll e-mail or comment when I mail it…hopefully by the end of the weekend.

    • Aww, thank you! And thank you about the quilt, too. That will be so special to have. I’m sure he will love it, as long as you don’t mind by “love” I mostly mean “chew on” right now. 🙂

      • Heh. I don’t even mind leaky diapers-quilts are meant to be USED, not stuck on a shelf “for good”. It’s cotton – it washes up pretty good.

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