Because He Asked.

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Thomas the tank engine

He’s asked me about twenty times since we left the library. “Mommy, will you pway twains with me?”

While he barely touches the elaborate train set we got him for his birthday last year, David is still all about this tiny Thomas set Libbie picked out (we’ve had to buy a duplicate, since they get lost often, but it was well worth it). I’ve been immersed in Thomas-land for over a year. I know all the train’s names and numbers and heaven forbid we call Edward Gordon on accident.

Thomas trains

Do I want to play “twains”? I just took him to storytime, Libbie is at school, Joshua is asleep, and I know I have half an hour to actually do something. I’ve been out of commission for days, spending my one at-home day with a nasty stomach issue. And my head hurts today, and I just want to sit down with peppermint oil and a heating pad, but the house is calling, the sink is full, but still …

“Mommy, will you pway twains with me? Pwease??”

He won’t always be 2. In fact, he won’t be two for two more months. He has pumpkin muffin crumbs on his mouth and delighted in his two-finger paper puppet at storytime today (and happily colored it all black). He looks more like a little boy than a toddler every day, despite the fact that he still wears a lot of last fall’s clothes.

I unload and load the dishwasher so I can check one thing off the mile-long list. Then I lay on my stomach and play twains.

Because he wants to play with Mommy. And who knows how long that will last?

David and pumpkins

3 thoughts on “Because He Asked.

  1. Sweet. That’s how my son is too with his trains and cars. I need to carve out sometime to play trains and cars with him. I don’t really enjoy it and always draw a blank about how to play with him. I guess I’m not really that good about pretending. I’d much rather read to him. 🙂

    • Oh, I would ALWAYS rather read. I’m not very good at pretending either, and it’s been so wonderful to have him old enough that he and Libbie can “play pretend” when she is home. Most of our playing is “Hi, I’m Thomas!” “Hi, I’m Gordon!” “Want to go to the stockyard?” “OK!” Repeat.

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