As Of Late

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Just some glimpses of life around here lately.

  • My sister-in-law and sister, our only siblings, got engaged two weeks apart from one another! They are getting married in August and June. Libbie is going to be the flower girl for both, and I will be matron-of-honor for my sister.
  • Libbie was also the flower girl in my cousin Brianne’s wedding and fulfilled her duties wonderfully. She was adorable, of course.
  • David, Joshua, and I went to the International Museum of Towing. Yeah, like Tow Trucks. Add that to my list of Things I Never Thought I Would Do Until I Had Boys.
  • Libbie was in the Nutrcracker for her dance studio. And was adorable some more.
  • Joshua’s learned to crawl for real and pull up!
  • All of us except Joshua caught some food poisoning Sunday night. You know what’s SUPER DUPER fun? Four people throwing up and only two of them know to do it in the toilet.
  • We’ve unwrapped a lot of Christmas books but failed to really do Truth in the Tinsel, again. I am trying to remember about doing ONE THING, not lots of things, in this season of having tiny people.
  • Today was David’s THIRD birthday! Holy cow, y’all!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. Hope to get things shaken up here a little during the coming year!

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2 thoughts on “As Of Late

  1. cute….as always!! and just FYI…as they get older yeah the throw up hits the toilet BUT the rest of the “yuckies” that come with throwing up for whatever reason is still awful to deal with when they get older…just saying..

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