My 4 Least Favorite Christmas Songs

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I am a Christmas music enthusiast. Truly, there isn’t much I don’t love. My favorites range from classics to newer songs that I feel truly celebrate Jesus’ birth and the reason for it.

But there are a few songs that grate under my skin. I’m sure you have them as well. And since we all need to get grouchy every once in awhile, I’m going to share mine in the hope that you’ll share yours, too.

1. “Baby It’s Cold Outside

I know I’m not the only one who thinks this song is talking about date rape, right? “Hey, what’s in this drink?” ACK. It’s not only not a Christmas song, it’s just kind of skanky. And the version that is the worst for me is the one with the Andrews sisters. Because there are two girls and one guy. Lord help us.

2. “Merry Christmas, Darling

I try to avoid this song, but it is sure played a lot of the radio during December. Sure, it’s a nice idea. But the line “the logs on the fire fill me with desire” just creeps me out every time. Is it just me?

3. “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

I know, I know. I’ve made our Santa stance clear, but I have no issue with other people doing Santa. The problem is, I think, making Santa into God. “He sees your when you’re sleeping, He knows when you’re awake, He knows if you’ve been bad or good, So you better be good for goodness sake”??? Santa as a guilt mechanism for getting your kids to behave … you can at least tell your kids Little Baby Jesus can see them all the time. And might tell Santa?

4. “Jingle Bells

Only because my kids sing it until May every year. And only the bits and pieces they know. When Libbie was 2, it was just “Jingle Bells, Jingle ALL THE WAY.” Over and over and over for months. Shudder.


I got some good laughs asking on Facebook and Twitter what your least favorite Christmas song is. Here were some of my favorite answers.

  • CHRISTMAS SHOES!! The WORST!! – Just Jilly
  • I actually dislike O Little Town of Bethlehem because I don’t think the music matches the words. It’s always been the one I didn’t want to sing. – Jennie @ Got My Reservations
  • Wonderful Christmastime, because it never, ever, ever ends. – @Jenidvm
  • I hate Wonderful Christmas Time by Paul McCartney…it sounds like a cacophony of crazy instruments….I call it the rubber band song cause it sounds like someone strumming rubber bands! – Misty W. on Facebook
  • barking jingle bells – Kristi C. on Facebook
  • Feliz Navidad drives me up the wall. And my 4-year-old came in from preschool singing it. He was so excited about the new song his music teacher taught his class. – Menda K. on Facebook
  • It’s a toss-up between “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” and the Porky Pig version of “Blue Christmas.” – @BeckiMaroon

So, if you didn’t chime in, what is your Christmas song that makes you batty?

3 thoughts on “My 4 Least Favorite Christmas Songs

  1. There are a lot of Christmas songs I don’t like. The two that immediately come to mind are “Santa Baby” (skanky, like you said in #1) and “Let It Snow”, mostly because I HATE snow, and that one is also more annoying because it’s not technically a Christmas song and can be played well into March! I worked in retail for many years, so I got totally burned out on all the radio Christmas songs. I skip the radio and play cds of Christmas hymns sung by choirs. Much nicer.

  2. Thanks for linking up to me, darling Jessie ( full disclosure here, she’s my niece). I’m getting ready to plug my phone into my old-school computer speakers that are in my kitchen and crank the Christmas tunes way up. There’s a lot of brass music on my iTunes, as you might expect, but it’s buffered by all the Glee Christmas albums. Feliz Navidad!

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