Top 10 Posts of 2013

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Good grief. This year has just been a ride. Most of the year has been adjusting to this life-with-three-kids mania for me. I love my wee ones and some days I feel like I’m getting the hang of it. Sometimes.

But it hasn’t left a ton of time for inspired blogging. Nonetheless, I write when I can and I’m working on a project as well that I hope I will have time to complete!

So for the time being, here are some of my most-visited posts from this year.


Non-Food Posts

Personal Favorites from 2013

Thank you, sweet readers, for sticking with me! It’s been a wild year for me.

I also want to give a quick shout-out to my top 10 referrers: ParentLife, Truth in the Tinsel, Kelly’s Korner, The Pleated Poppy, Stuff Parents Need, I’m an Organizing Junkie, Secret Recipe Club, Once a Month Meals, Finding Joy in My Kitchen, and OhAmanda.


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