Popsicles for Breakfast! My Favorite Fun-Mom Tip

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Popsicles for Breakfast
My very favorite fun-mom trick is this: make popsicles so healthy that you can give them to your kids for breakfast. They will seriously think you are the BEST PARENT EVER. (Or aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc.)

How do you make healthy popsicles kids love? Well, first you need some good molds. Please don’t buy the ones from the dollar store. Trust me, I have tried those and they all broke the first time I tried to unlodge my beautiful ‘sicles.

The two molds I have and love are Monster Pop Molds and Rocket Pops. I adore the monster ones, but it only has four molds and most of the time I make more than that at one time. The rocket pop has six molds.

Then you need some ingredients. I like to start with frozen fruit and then add what I have. (You can also use fresh fruit, whatever, it’s going to freeze anyway!) Bags of frozen fruit are a good deal, usually, and the fruit is already prepped and ready to go for you.

Then you can customize depending on what you want nutritionally. Kids need more fiber? Add some ground flaxseed. Want them to eat their veggies? Mix in spinach or kale. Yogurt is good for creamy pops and has probiotics. Coconut milk is my favorite for kids who need more fat in their diet.

Here are some of my favorite combos!

Are you a popsicle maker? What’s your favorite kind?

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