6 Favorite Winter Books for Kids

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favorite winter books

Maybe it was 71 where you were yesterday (it was here cough love it cough) or maybe you’re still covered in snow. Either way, you might need some new reading material to survive until Spring. (71 yesterday – high of 30s on Wednesday. Love the South.) Here are some of our favorite winter-themed books. What are yours?

Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner, illustrations by Mark Buehner

The premise of Snowmen at Night is a child wondering how his snowman changed so much during the night. I love how this book really works with a little one’s imagination. The snowman illustrations are adorable – and I am partial to the snowman with a zucchini for a nose. He just charms me.

Sadie and the Snowman by Allen Morgan, illustrated by Brenda Clark

Perhaps my love for unique snowmen also draws me to this book, where Sadie uses all kinds of different materials to craft snowmen during the winter. I think that shows a child it’s OK to think outside the box! Lots of repetition in this one helps keep a younger child’s attention.

The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats

There’s a reason The Snowy Day is a perpetual classic. The simple but fun illustrations, Peter’s recognition of his limits (“he knew he wasn’t old enough–not yet”), the crunching of snow and the dragging of sticks, and of course how Peter’s snowball melts in his pocket. It’s every young child’s discovery of snow and what it can do.

Snow Happy by Patricia Hubbell, illustrated by Hireo Nakata

Snow Happy is a newer book (2010) and has sweet rhymes and illustrations.

The Hat by Jan Brett

Jan Brett has such beautiful and intricate illustrations! I love her books and this is so exception. In this one, a hedgehog accidentally finds himself wearing a sock as a hat … and starts a fashion trend among the farm animals.

Snowballs by Lois Ehlert

My Southern children are of course obsessed with the idea of building a snowman. We did manage a tiny one during our recent “big snow.” They ADORED Ehlert’s book showing snow people and animals decorated with all kinds of funny paraphanelia. I love that it ignited their imaginations and we talked about what other things we could use to decorate snowmen. I’m a big fan of Ehlert (Eating the Alphabet, Fish Eyes).

What are your family’s favorite winter books?

2 thoughts on “6 Favorite Winter Books for Kids

  1. I love any of Jan Brett’s snowy books…The Mitten is Asa’s fave. We have several fave snow books…

    Katy and the Big Snow
    Snow is My Favorite and My Best by Lauren Child
    Winter Barn
    Snow by PD Eastman
    Snow by Uri Shulevitz

    and about 2 more that have wild snow animals on the front but I can’t think of their titles!

    You know we like some snow (imagery, not actual snow) around here!

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